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In A Tight Spot: All woman 60 denier opaques review

Don't be tight
Tights are not usually the fat chicks friend. 
So many times I've brought tights and they have let me down. If they fit around my waist they pool around my ankles ala Nora Batty (one for you oldies out there) or if they fit my very short legs correctly they roll down, meaning I can end up with the gusset at my knees (attractive) its why I so often opt for leggings. Its not worth the hosiery induced rage and arse flashing.
I have found a few brands that sort of deliver but am always on the lookout for more so when the Big Tights Company got in touch and asked if I would like to do a review for them I didn't need asking twice.

I may not be  a lady (but I'm all Woman)

I decided to review two different types of tights from them. The All Woman 60 denier opaques which are £12.95 and have  a single panel (so no seam down the tummy) I wear a lot of black so I knew I would get a lot of wear out of them and hey whose kidding who, black tights make everyone's legs look great.
ooh la la

My second choice was the Paris Lady 50 denier Microfiber tights which are £16.95 and have  a flat seam.
So many times in the past brightly coloured tights didn't come in my size so to have a choice of grey, pink or purple was great. I went for deep pink because I want bright pink sausage legs and Women threw themselves under horses for me to exercise that right (kind of)
Bloody Nora no wrinkling

The fit on both these pairs of tights was wonderful. They are really long in the body so stay up perfectly. The quality of the lycra is excellent and I've worn both pairs a few times and they are still snag free.
In the pink

The "All Woman" black pair give a nicer appearance as they are seamless which if you were wearing something fitted around the belly is great. The quality of the Paris Lady feels better though. I did think the seam down the middle of the tummy area was quite knobby to the feel but this is a small niggle  as overall they were both amazing quality and if you really struggle with getting tight to stay up well worth checking out. 
There's no ignoring the fact that its quite pricey for the average fatty's wallet to spend nearly £17 on a pair of tights but they are slightly better quality than my usual top brand which is  Xceptionelle from yours which are £10 each (I know Evans tights are only £8 a pair but the fit on me is always awful and they always snag) so I would get these again.
I only want to see you laughing in the Purple Rein

To celebrate having bright pink tights I'm wearing an outfit I brought when I visited the Taking Shape store last week.
This Purple Rein dress is one part 60's acid trip to one part art teacher and I absolutely love it. The cowl neck makes it look slightly fashiony and the crinkly fabric feels really lovely on (although does look hideous on the hanger)

Hideous on the hanger-hot on me

You know me and a green cardigan. This shade of green (forever called Smiths green at Pamper towers) forms a lot of my wardrobe. This cardigan though is so much posher than the bobbly scabby articles I usually wear. 

Look at me in my posh cardi
It has statement buttons and a filly neckline. Its a proper cardigan toff. I adore it and feel very well turned out (quite why I'm now speaking like someone from a 1960's kitchen sink drama I don't know) The long length is also a big winner for me as it means I can also wear it as a light jacket when the weather gets warmer (hope springs eternal that it will stop blowing a frigging gale here)
Let me flash you with my psychedelia

So here I am in pink tights and a Jackson Pollack style dress. I know, I know as a big fatty I should be huddled in a black tent crying whilst eating pringles wishing I was as beautiful as Katie Hopkins but I'm just too giddy playing with fashion.

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