Thursday, 20 February 2014

I'm All Yours

As a card carrying fashion obsessive I was slightly giddy when one of my favourite plus size clothing brands “Yours” asked me to spend the day at their HQ. 
I was invited to try on pieces from their new collection and put together my own looks using all manner of cool accessories. The fact that the day also included my very own photo shoot made it even more perfect. 
Using a plus size blogger like me who most definitely doesn’t have model proportions (five foot nothing and shaped like a barrel) I think sends out such a great message. I love seeing clothes on beautiful models as much as the next person but its also great to see how the clothes will work on someone blessed with my body shape and size.
Meeting the Yours Team-not sure why Im sneering they were lovely

I’ve long been a fan of Yours Clothing. Fabulous fashion for the stylish fatty at really affordable prices. The sizing is also spot on which means I can order a dress in a panic for a night out and know it will fit like a glove.
When I arrived at Yours HQ I was greeted by the gorgous Jacqueline. This lovely lady deals with the companies blogger relations and we have often had a natter over email so it was lovely to meet her in the flesh (she is like a very cute Irish Holly Willabooby)

We chatted about the new seasons range and then I was whisked off to look at the clothes that had been chosen for me.
Readers of my blog will know I tend to generally favour dresses and anything that pulls me in at the waist so at first glance some of the choices did make me nervous, but that’s why photo shoots  like these are such a great experience, they pull me out of my comfort zone and allowed me to put my own personal stamp on this seasons trends.
Ooh time to sort this wig out

I started off by wearing one of my favourite outfits of the day, a tropical print skater dress that could have been made for me. It was such a great fit and made me look fantastic. I teamed it with a fab set of coloured cat ears and gave myself really big hair-sort of Pricilla Presley the fat years.

Tart with a heart

Oh dear I've got the giggles

 I had great fun clowning around with a giant love heart sign-here’s hoping the Yours team don’t write anything too rude in the middle of it.

Multi coloured cat ears-check

Staying with all things tropical I then wore a beautiful silky printed top.

tropical delight
Sniffing a heart shaped cookie-I stole this move from Kate Moss

oi that's my cookie

This is such a good example of why you must try things. On the hanger I was really unsure as to how it would work with my big boobs but it draped beautifully and looked pretty fine.
Duck face-standard

 I teamed it with some black jeggings and heals and vogued myself into a frenzy with a parasol umbrella.
The next set of outfits included knitwear which with the current weather was quite timely.When I saw the soft eyelash cardigans hanging on the rail I was instantly drawn to them
This mint colour was my fave-it felt so soft

Click, click Betty

As soon as I spied this yellow bag I knew it would look fantastic with the coral fluffy cardigan

Getting hot around the collar

This soft dove grey is so beautiful

Soft, fluffy and in the most beautiful colours I was quite smitten. Yet again I would never have chosen something oversized for my frame but decided with skinny trousers and killer heals they could look really chic. I also pulled out some of Yours fab handbag collection to compliment each colour. My top cardigan pick was the coral one but the dove grey one was surprisingly lovely on as well. These will be so perfect as we move into spring I plan on stocking up on a few.

Time for some beehive action

Double denim is a trend that’s been floating around for a little while and I confess it’s never particularly tickled my pickle so I really had to try and be open minded when they asked me to give it a whirl. The stylist on the shoot encouraged me to try a very cute denim skater skirt with denim jeggings and a grey floral print dipped hem jumper. 
I was surprised at how cute this double denim look was
The end result was cute and very wearable (especially with a beehive) in fact all the double denim looks I tried were lovely. I also put together a blue skater dress with the denim jeggings and an oversized hairbow. Its denim yes, bit worn my way.
Soft blues for sping
The trick is definitely to keep the blues soft and washed out and use cottons and denim together.
How pretty is this pastel frock
 My last look of the day was an absolute belter, ethereal, and really girly. I fell in love with the mint lace detail dress as soon as I clapped eyes on it. Pastels are so big this season and this dress (which I put with a pink shrug) is such a pretty way to wear them.

Kiss kiss

Loving the wind machine action

Such a thoughtful idea to take some pictures of me with baba
A kiss for my sweetheart

 This was probably the favourite part of the day. I had brought my hubby and daughter along for moral support and the team suggested we do a mothers day themed set of pictures with me and my little one. She was absolutely thrilled and the pictures are so lovely. Definitely a memory I will cherish.
And that's a wrap

And then it was over, what a whirlwind of a day. Beautiful clothes, fabulous props, great hair accessories (courtesy of Crown and Glory) and a set of photographs I will cherish. 

Big Love To the Yours Team

Thanks to all of the Yours team for inviting me I had a blast.
All photos by Nicky Rockets
All clothes by Yours
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