Tuesday, 4 February 2014

For Furs Sake: You can keep your fur coats

Leave the real fur where it belongs- on the backs of beautiful creatures not adorning some brain dead celeb

A few days ago the papers reported that the Hollywood actress Lyndsay Lohan has lost a 75k fur cost at a night out at a club. Lilo had apparently been quite frantic when she realised she had misplaced her jacket and incredibly relieved  when it was returned to her. The subtext of  these articles seemed to be the following:
  • Gosh isn't Lyndsay Lohan a ditz
  • Imagine being so wealthy you misplace a 75k coat
  • Only in LA is a two Piece mink cost considered fashionable.
Missing from the coverage was any real comment on the fact that she was wearing real fur.
There still seems to be a worrying trend for certain celebrities to wear fur 

(yes BeyoncĂ© I am looking at you) Despite not living in the North Pole and having access to as much faux fur  money can buy they still make the ignorant cruel choice to wear the pelts of beautiful creatures. Tragic animals who are bred for nothing more than to be skinned.
Even some celebrities like Lana Del Ray and Kate Moss who you would quite honestly expect to  have better taste have been photographed wearing real fur. The mind boggles.
Always fake it ladies

No one loves the look of a fur coat more than me. I own more faux fur than you can shake a stick at and love recreating my own fat version of old Hollywood glamour as I pull up the collar of my luxurious fluffy coats,but wearing real fur is truly repugnant. 
It's the ugliest and cruelest of vanities. I don't think I need to elaborate on how awful the process of removing the fur off an animals back without marking it is. I'm not a PETA advert and I don't think I need to use shock tactics but needless to say it's just awful and any animal lover would be deeply disturbed.
Keep your fur fake and your conscience clear

Lilo I would boycott your movies but I don't think you make them anymore and BeyoncĂ©- love your music girl but stop being a tool and parading around in the skins of beautiful creatures  and on another note have a word with your fella. Rapping about Tina turner being raped and beaten doesn't make you edgy it make you compliant in deep misogyny)
Lana and Kate I will always adore your style  but lose the fur coats. They are like a huge bloody paw print on your forehead, like a bindi for the terminally stupid.

No need to go naked-just make your muffs faux

I wouldn't rather go naked than wear fur, it's too cold for that and totally unnecessary. Indulge your love of all things animal but fake it baby. Leave those minks, foxes and racoons intact and frolicking Disney style not featuring in their own fluffy version of silence of the lambs. That's just dark and terribly cruel and surely fashion should be fun.

All photos of Betty by Nicky Rockets

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