Wednesday, 26 February 2014

A Dress Fit For A Princess: Bon Marche dress review

Before I begin this review there are two things you need to know:
1) as a small child I was obsessed with Princess Diana's wedding dress and the Emanuel's (the designer couple who created it for her)
I was about eight when Princess Di got married and despite being brought up in a leftie socialist Royal disapproving household was totally caught up in the whole Royal wedding thing. I was so in love with Diana's dress and think that and watching Grease were probably the two main things that made me start to be obsessed with fashion.

The Emanuels

2) My Nan (god rest her soul) was an artist with very little interest in clothes. She lived in slacks and jumpers (all the better to smear painty hands on) when I got married she brought her first smart outfit from Bon Marche. It was a lavender two peice. She borrowed a hat from her mate Sheila. 
My Nan-She wasnt a follower of fashion I think its fair to say.
So my one abiding memory of Bon Marche is that its where Nan's who don't really have any interest in fashion buy stuff.
So when Bon Marche got in touch with me to see if I would like to review something from their range (it goes up to a size 24 doncha know) I nearly didn't open the email.Which would have been a disaster because guess whose designed a capsule line for them? only cherub faced royal designer of crinkly dresses of dreams David Emanuel that's who. And further more its absolutely lovely!!

By Royal Appointment
I'm loving the coral panel and flower print

I picked the  stretch twill coral panel dress which is priced at a very reasonable £29.50 and I love it.nan you would be proud.

Great coral panel and flower design

The black band creates the illusion of  a nipped in waist 

The quality is fab, the cut is gorgeous and unlike a lot of designer ranges for high street  brands this feels like a dress that has had real design input.
This frock is very much in the body con family. You need to either wear big knickers or no knickers (you saucy minx)  as otherwise you will be flashing your VPL all over the shop as its fitted around the booty.
This dress requires Bridget Jones big knickers or no knickers

The coral panel with black sides and back creates the perfect illusion of Jessica Rabbit curves even if like me you are more egg on legs than hourglass.
I also like the black band in the middle. yet again it neatens off the dress and is perfect if you are self conscious about your tummy as it draws the eyes in.
My new favorite bling

The sizing on this baby is true and its nicely roomy around the arms (no pinching) the fabric is thick enough that you feel slightly pulled in (so if you detest shapewear but don't want everyone patting your food baby and asking when you are due this is a good choice)

Corn beef legs ahoy

I'm sorry about the vaguely corn beef legs on display here. You know how when the sun shines for two minutes you instantly whip off your tights and throw your coat away (or is this a merseyside thang?) well anyway that happened. 
I'm wearing my designer frock (well it was designed by a royal designer so to me its designer) with my new fave bracelet which Yours gave me when I shot for them last week.I can't see it on their site so maybe its discontinued. My lipstick is Papaya Punch by sleek.
So here I am strutting my stuff in Bon Marche's finest and feeling rather lovely indeed. Will this review make you give BM a second look?

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