Sunday, 16 February 2014

1940's Styling For The Plus Size Girl

Getting my 1940's  on
Certain eras particularly lend themselves to fuller curvier figures. The 1950's swing dress is adorable if you are the proud owner of a big bust and large hips and the flowing boho 70's look also looks particularly fine on a plus size hottie. 
In my experience The 1940's look can be harder to pull off if you are a fatty. The crisp angular lines, nipped in waist and boxy shoulders can be difficult to interpret in a stylish way and you can end up looking more "Lumpy school marm" than Joan Crawford.
How the dress looks on the Scarlet and Jo website
Which brings me to today's dress. A rather beautiful little number by one of my favourite brands Scarlet and Jo. When S and J approached me about their 40's inspired retro wrap front daisy print dress I was definitely intrigued but I wondered how it would look on me. I've tried wrap style frocks before and my boobs looked like two bowling balls in a hanky (and not in a good way)
Whilst on the one hand I refuse to be dictated to about what "suits" my body I do also want to look fantastic and my forays into forties inspired fashion have never done that.
I needn't have worried as typically of Scarlet and Jo its absolutely perfect. 
AAbsolutely perfect retro styling for the fabulous fatty

The shoulder pads are soft so give you some structure without going down the Joan Collins in Dynasty route, the wrap around detail is gentle and the length is fab. It hits my shins which is perfect for channelling this era.
No bowling ball boobage
I'm not known for wearing much in the black/brown family and my only hope is that they bring this frock out in a lighter colour in the summer as the shape is fantastic.This colourway is very wearable and the daisy print is lovely but the pink obsessed clown face in me prefers slightly more zing.
This is such a wearable print

To compliment the 40's look I've put my hair in victory rolls and worn a plum coloured lippy.
Victory rolls and red lipstick-Retro yes but also fabulous

This dress is fairly sophisticated and would be fantastic dressed up with heels and a sparkly jacket but also comfortable enough that you could wear it to work and school run.
This dress will work hard in your wardrobe-like a flower printed navvy

I've nipped in the waist a bit more with a wide belt, firstly because I thought it looked better and also because this is actually a size too big for me so was a bit baggy around the back. This was due to stock availability and as a rule I find Scarlet and Jo sizing to be true and quite generous.
Mirror, mirror on the wall who is the finest fatty of all?

So would you consider adding a little bit of 1940's chic to your wardrobe? If so this frocks a great place to start.
All photos by Nicky Rockets
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