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Tart With A Heart: Taking Shape Dress

Mutton Chops
When I was growing up possibly the worst things you could call a Woman were the following:
Fat Slag"
Mutton dressed as lamb"
Looking back I'm astounded that anyone ever had the courage to wear anything other than Victorian crinolines given the tidal wave of judgmental twaddle prepped and ready to drop on their heads if they dressed in a manner considered "inappropriate for their size, age or god forbid suggested a liberal approach to getting laid.
I hate being told what to do,so its possible that I've taken these often heard female focused criticisms and turned them into my very own style stamp. 
I'm a saucy bitch who eats chips

Certainly I'm hoping today's outfit sounds the death toll, for all things deemed tasteful and if it makes me look like a saucy bitch, knocking on in years who enjoys chips then my work here is done.

I'm sick of the style judgments
I must be becoming a bit of a curmudgeon in my advanced years as I increasingly find myself furious at how often style rules and judgments are bandied around. Sure there is  an "acceptable" level of fatness that people applaud in order to feel right on but anything bigger that can't be considered "curvy" still makes many people really uncomfortable. Its as if they just can't see past the filter of fat hatred that's been present in our society for so long.
Get past the Fat hate filter

Youthfulness is another stick on which Women seem to be bashed with constantly. Its as if a low bmi and a wrinkle free face are the only indicators of a persons value. Aging is a luxury so many don't get to enjoy that the crassness in this subtle but ever present message can't be overemphasized. On a more basic note how dare anyone tell us that a female face over thirty isn't attractive any more. Just as we go roaring into our prime, ready to start the second part of the big adventure we are told to creep away, hide in the shadows and consider our days as a stylish, edgy force of nature over. Screw that I'm only just getting started.

My bmi and age too high to be attractive apparently-sorry I didn't get that memo

Walk your own path-the end destination will be so much more interesting
That's why we must create your own version of perfection. Not let some faceless moron at a publishers or ad agency tell us whats attractive and whats beautiful. Wear colours that clash, fabrics that stretch across your ample belly, sleeves so short they expose your wobbly arms. 

Don't let anyone tell you whats beautiful-make up your own mind
Ignore the haters, the finger waggers, the magazine articles that exclude you and be your own story. Your own style icon. Walk to the beat of your own big fat aging disgracefully drum. Its a merry tune I promise!
Walk to the beat of your own big fat drum
The clothes
Keisha Dress £19 by Taking Shape
Boots £10 Yours Clothing
Necklace £10 Fashionworld
Bag £39 Fashionworld
All photos by Nicky Rockets

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