Thursday, 9 January 2014

Sexy Birthday Robot: Grey Disco Leggings from Yours

Posing in my kitchen-its ironic and edgy-no really

Sales are often viewed as  unlikely places to kick start your new season wardrobe but you would be surprised. With some clever shopping you can not only pick up some amazing bargains but stock up on some great looks for the beginning of 2014. Here are my top picks from the "Yours" sale which is absolutely brilliant at the moment and an outfit post showing you my best finds.

Since discovering wet look leggings last year I am a total convert so am totally in love with these fabulous grey "disco leggings" The weather may be miserable but that doesn't mean you can't feel glam. I've snapped these up (well at a tenner it seemed rude not to) along with this beautiful black sequin tunic which is only £15.
A wardrobe basic with a touch of luxe

Here I am about to go out and celebrate my birthday wearing the black sequin tunic and grey disco leggings.
Happy birthday to me
I don't think this outfit screams "Sale" I think it screams "sexy fat robot legs"
I love the tunic.The sequin edge makes it feel quite luxe. I've belted it and chucked an old jacket on and voile I have  a brand new outfit for £25!

Love the edging on the tunic
These leggings look so fab on my big fat legs. I feel like a robot or an extra from Bladerunner. I never knew grey disco leggings would make me so happy but they do. I even did a moonwalk in them.

Futuristic sausage legs

My Leopard chain necklace is from fashionworld and is my current favorite bling. I jangle when I wear it like a right old slapper. Its great.

Here are some other picks from the Yours Sale which I think are rather fab.

Black leather look skater dress
I brought this dress earlier in the year and have had so much wear out of it. Perfect if you want to look like fetish night Barbie (I do)
I've worn this dress a lot
The style of this skater dress is great on all body shapes and the black PU fabric makes it feel really edgy and at £20 its definitely feels like a bargain.

Warm and sparkly
This black sequin loose knit jumper is both stylish and snugly. Perfect for winter weekends, dog walks or brunches. I've had my eye on it for while and at £18 am quite tempted. I like to twinkle. Like a walking glitterball.
And finally...
Some styles hit the catwalks year in, year out and the classic biker jacket is one of them. Finding this style in a plus size can be difficult so I was so pleased to see this one going for a mere £33. Perfect for the transition from winter to spring and for pretending to be Sandy from Grease when she went all slaggy.

The one that I want-ooh ooh ohh
Toodle pip dear friends. I hope January isn't kicking your arse too badly. I feel like  a bit of a zombie and not in a cool Thriller zombie type way wearing a wedding outfit covered in grave soil but in a walking dead slobbering fool kind of way just minutes away from being hit over the back of the nut with a spade.

Looking ahead to when someone comes and tidies my kitchen-a girl can dream.

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