Monday, 27 January 2014

Rub My Belly: Frock of Wonder by AX Paris for Simply Be

Who needs an occasion to wear a brocade dress? not me

I've had this dress for a few months and have been waiting for an opportunity to wear it.
The excuse to wear a bright blue brocade dress with faux leather detailing never materialised as despite what I might try to believe I am not Lady gaga so instead I'm just wearing it for the sheer hell of it.
Its Sunday I'm going for a walk around the Marine lake, other walkers will be sensibly clad in Northface jackets and balaclavas. This is where fashion makes a moron of me and I just don't care. 
Come to Mama

I'm a slave to a pretty dress, like an old perv is a patsy to a pretty face. These frocks sashay past me, wiggling their jewel like colours  and lush fabrics and common sense goes out the window.
fast and loose
As soon as I clapped eyes on this frock of wonder by AX Paris for Simply be I knew it had to be mine.My pupils dilated, my heart beat a little faster and my wardrobe wept for the hole this dress left on its rails.Its vaguely oriental, slightly edgy but with a bit of a 1960's twist. A dress this fast and loose with its style references was made for me.
Clinging to my bellyo

Sure I know skin tight shiny brocade might not be the thing to play down a pot belly but life is short and this fat butterfly gotta fly.
It hasn't been an easy relationship. The first one I brought in my usual size squashed my boobs down so much I looked like Barbra Streisand when she turns herself into a boy  in Yentl. Yep the sizing on this baby is awkward.
The sizing on this is slightly challenging if you are bellylicous but its worth persevering with

Risking hypothermia so you can see the PU detail on the shoulders

I've sized up and whilst its a good fit around the bangers its still quite snug around the belly. I don't actually mind this. I offer my belly to people to rub, like a good luck Buddha, its been good to me this belly. It housed a baby, digests yummy food and makes a perfect shelf for leaning a book on when I'm lying down so celebrating it is no problemo.
Pussy power on the hour

Freezing like a fool-fat fashion blogger fail

As you can see the dress is just at knee length and as its as cold as a witches tit I've chucked on leggings and a shrug (also by Simply be-I've had this for about a year and it keeps making an appearance, its the vaguely Joan Crawfordesque shoulders I just cant get enough of them)
I have taken a few of me sans the cardigan but as its freezing here I've kept these shots to a minimum.

In my usual matchy matchy Posh Spice reject fashion I am wearing blue shoes (tenner Liverpool market, keeping it classy) and have done a Stevie Nicks wavy hair homage thing. I realise its not quite worked-lets move on.
If you like this dress I've dicked around for so long that since I first got it its been reduced in the Simply be sale so fly my pretties fly-its the perfect frock for long walks on cold wintery days-well in my world. 

All photos by Nicky Rockets

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