Wednesday, 15 January 2014

Foxy Four Eyes

I've got new face furniture

Being  a life long glasses and contact lens wearer finding cool glasses which don't make me feel like Deidre Barlow always make me a happy speccy four eyes.
I've been on the hunt for  a really cool quite retro looking pair of specs for  a while so when Specsavers approached me to tell me about their new Monochrome range which had been inspired by the catwalks and asked if I would like to take a look  (and choose  a pair for myself) I didn't need asking twice.
Ready to pick some face furniture
I went to to the Specsavers in Birkenhead and had a full eyetest first which was quick and efficient. I'm incredibly shortsighted so when buying glasses I need to have a certain amount of frame width to contain the ground down milk bottles that form my prescription.
Once I had been given the news yet again that I was Mrs Magoo I  got to the fun part of trying on lots of gigs.
Eye Candy

I really like a strong looking frame but when you are looking for statement glasses its always a fine line between looking like Jess from New Girl and Sue Pollard.
Gok Wan Specs-very cool

I really liked these Osiris frames but they were slightly too big for my peanut head

These frames really reminded me of the free NHS glasses I wore as  a kid. I hated them at the time-they look quite cool now

Another Gok pair-not sure why I'm wearing such a bitchface

The lovechild of Sue Pollard and Timmy Mallet

I particularly loved a lot of the Gok Wan range (I'm not surprised his frames are so stylish) but in the end opted for a pair by Replay which had just the right combination of fifties cool and Beryl from on the buses.
My final choice

One of the things that was very cool at Specsavers was that they had a device which took photos of you in each pair you tried on so you could look at yourself properly. Such a great idea especially if like me you are really shortsighted.
Its like a myopic Andy Warhol painting

I've had this pair for  a few weeks now and absolutely love them. I'm a fat chick in glasses, something that's been the butt of many a joke over the years but far from feeling frumpy I feel awesome.To all the kids who picked on me at school-whose laughing now? me because my glasses look fine.
I'm calling this look foxy four eyes

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