Friday, 17 January 2014

# F**k Flattering

Earlier this week a photo of me featured on the Yours Clothing facebook page and attracted a lot of comments. In fact its probably one of my most discussed outfits ever.
Creating the talking point were my silver disco leggings which I had worn with a dipped hem top.Here is the picture:

These legging are and I quote "very unflattering" fuck you-I rock

Among a lot of very positive comments only a few hours after it was posted the picture also received the following comments:

"Oh dear"

"No offence to the model - but those leggings are sooooo unflattering! We r bigger girls/ladies but want to look nice"

"Sorry I won't wear leather look ones or wet look ones as show every imperfection off"

"These leggings do not look good, very unflattering"

"I think it's just a hard fact we need to hear: There are just some items of clothing that bigger people should stay away from at all costs. No ifs. No buts. No 'beauty is on the inside.' These leggings are included in that list"

I should also have stayed away from these leggings "at all costs" according to one lovely individual-sorry lady but you are talking crazy

I thought long and hard about whether to respond to these comments because I can honestly say hand on heart it doesn't bother me in the least that people don't think I look good in certain clothes. 
I finally decided to reply because its important that others aren't put off wearing whatever the hell they want by some strange notion of whats considered flattering on anyone over a dress size 12.

My reply-Don't diss my pants bitches

 Hi guys-Betty here-owner of the aforementioned leggings and fat legs.It makes me sad to read that anyone thinks there are some clothes plus size girls should definitely avoid. I couldn't imagine a man making this comment about another bloke. I long ago gave up wearing clothes that were considered "flattering" and now love fashion for the sheer unbridled joy of it. Sure my big chunky dimply legs are on display. Why would I hide them? these fat legs have held me upright whilst nursing my baby, walked me to a million adventures, jumped up and down on trampolines and danced until sunrise. Its fine not to like these leggings on me, but lets not imprison ourselves with daft notions of not wearing things because they show off our "imperfections" life's far too short. As are my legs but I'm wearing the leggings anyway because they make me feel great!
How very dare they hate my robot leggings!

You might wonder why this is blogworthy, I mean as a plus size fashion blogger having my outfits criticised is nothing new. 
Every time something I wear is featured on a website,clothing page or retweeted there are invariably comments running along the lines of "get thee in a burka you big fat minger" 
What was noteworthy was how many people commented in the positive about my outfit and how many women totally ripped apart the notion that certain clothes should be off limits to plus size hotties. 
It warmed my cockles and made me feel really hopeful for the future. For once the loudest voices weren't the body haters, the size snarks the oppressors the loudest voices were of strong sassy Women saying no to being told to live in a clothing cage constructed by insecure bullies. I loved it.
Imagine how joyless it must be to deny yourself the opportunity to wear amazing clothes because someone somewhere decreed that anyone over a size 8/age18/under 6ft is a monster who should walk around in sack cloths and ashes. 
Not on my watch pigs-not on my watch.Suck it up haters-my fat legs encased in tight sausage skin thin leggings are here to stay and they salute you.Vive le tree trunks. I made this video for you and posted it using the hashtag #fuckflattering

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  1. I think you look freaking gorgeous in that outfit, but what I think doesn't matter. YOU love it, so bollocks to everyone else. Keep doing what you're doing!

  2. Fab blog! Have recently found myself asking 'Am i too old for this' as i am fast approaching 30, now i'm thinking sod it, let's do it! :)

  3. You've helped me decide -I'm going to buy a leather skirt !! And I'm starting burlesque lessons in morning. Wish my tree trunks good luck !! Mwah Ruth

  4. Its taken me a very long time to dismiss those who have felt it necessary to comment on my size, my clothes, my fashion choices, always made with the tag line 'it's for your own good', 'we don't want you to embarrass yourself'! So for a long time i wore nothing else but my shapeless black tent-esque 'uniform'. Buying into the notion that as a fatty i really shouldn't wear that bright orange dress or those purple leggings.
    When i met my 2nd husband, on our 1st date i had just treated myself to a lovely pink jacket, which i wore and it really did make me feel happy. Since that day my husband always guides me towards the clothes with colour and dissuades me from falling back into my black phase. I absolutely feel that i should not hide away because some shallow, fat body hater in some way feels threatened by my confidence to wear a colourful outfit because someone, somewhere has decided that it's not for fatties!! Excuse me while i give a crap about your bigoted opinion....nope...over it!.
    I am now the very proud owner of 12 dresses, and although i do still wear leggings, they are always dressed up with a colourful jumper or cardigan, and i don't give a monkeys if the colour is too bright or too not for fatties!!
    Thank you for standing proud, standing up and giving the one finger salute to all those who think a negative opinion does not reflect back on themselves. I aim to get even more body confident, and if we get a good summer, i will be seen out in public and on the beach in.....wait for it....a swimming costume...or even more shock and horror....a bikini!! Arrgghhh!! Bring on the wobbles!! Hugs and much love sent. Xx

  5. This is perfectly written, as always. Well done for speaking out so eloquently and making your point clear. You're fab!

  6. Stuff em! I love your quirky style and zest for life Betty Pamper! You've inspired me to be a bit bolder in the way I dress and to feel good about myself and my size. And I LOVE those disco leggings on you!

  7. You ROCK! I love you and your Robot Legs! That is all ❤️

  8. Great response! Thank you for doing what you do :D

  9. people like that being so stupid can get bent. Betty you're awesome and I love the leggings :)

  10. Fuck the haters and the troll(op)s. Your legs are so ace in those leggings I went and bought them and I'm considerably fatter than you. GASP!

    I'm SO angry after it kicking off on Yours over Debz's onesie and now your robot legs. Why are those bitter twisted people even on a plus size website's Facebook page anyway? If they think all fat women (including themselves) should wear shapeless crap why aren't they on Black Sacks R Us?

    It's one thing to be so lacking in confidence they don't want to wear fun fashion, but trying to drag rockin' confident women down to their level of self-hatred is not on. Not at all. The people who left those uncomplimentary comments need body positivity and they need it NOW. They need to start reading some plus size blogs! The people who left you positive comments are spot on because you look fucking FABULOUS in that outfit.

    Some people are content to slide into middle aged beigeness almost from birth. Others of us go kicking and screaming, flicking the Vs and chugging from the bottle. I know which camp I want to be in.

    YOU ROCK. x x x

  11. Hiya Lovely, If you were featured in a crop top with your belly out, I would for sure think 'NO WAY' But really what that would mean is, there is no way I would wear that item of clothing, because I wouldnt have the confidence to carry it off. And that makes a big (no pun) difference. If you look awkward and are tugging at your clothes and trying to go unnoticed, its likely you wont look good and its not so much about the clothes but your own self image in them. Maybe that's why you had this response to the leggings, and the people who gave the negative feedback knew that no amount of persuasion could make them believe that 'they' could look good in them. I am trying to give people in general the benefit of the doubt here, but don't think I don't know that some people are just out right nasty about plus size ladies (FYI I am a UK size 22)
    I love your confidence Betty and it actually does rub off, even over the internet, so keep up the good work, you are truly beautiful.

  12. I love how you dress, how you put things together with confidence and just for the love of fashion and clothes. It's such an attractive thing to watch someone so liberated selecting clothes simply for the love of it. There needs to be more like you, who are proud of who are you and most of all, happy, entirely with yourself. It's really beautiful and I ADORE this outfit. It looks great on you and you wear it with pride and confidence which makes it even more amazing. You do inspire so many people, so thank you.

  13. Well said that woman. I am 47 and a plus size girl. I wear what I like because the only person I am aiming to please when I look in the mirror is me. I was a plus size teenager when there was very little choice on the high street for anyone size 18 and beyond. (there was tentsrus and such like!!!) I had a sewing machine and imagination ;) So having all this choice now is brilliant, grab it with both hands and wear what makes you feel amazing, as the lady said, life is too damn short. I think you friggin rock that outfit and if people are too scared to think outside the box a little, more fool them.
    Janey x

  14. You are just absolutely fabulous. There are some people out there that feel it is necessary to share their negative thoughts with those who are trying to stay positive however they will always lose out.
    Your post really made me giggle especially thinking how stupid the person who wrote the comment stating your leggings are unflattering must feel.

    Like you said Fuck Flattering and go with what you 'want' to wear because it makes you feel great :D Enjoy the rest of your weekend :D

  15. Beautifully said! You rock that outfit, I think you look amazing in it and I think that the more people who have their ideas about flattering challenged the better. I have certainly changed my ideas about what I shouldn't wear since reading your blog, I try not to hate on myself now and to wear what I love. Fuck Flattering!


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