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May The Fatshion Odds Forever be In Your Favour: Jewel Print Bodycon dress

Fat Bodycon Forever
Today I'm off to watch the second Hunger games film. 
I love the Hunger games books especially the fact that as well as being a great story it includes descriptions of the futuristic fashions and that stylists are as important as politicians.
 It seemed fitting to wear this rather striking AX Paris Jewel Print Bodycon dress from Simply Be to follow the trials and tribulations of the Mockingjay as its definitely a showstopper.

What an amazing print

Sometimes you see a dress and just have to have it. Your pupils dilate, your heart beats too fast and you frantically check your bank balance because it has to be yours.
 That was the situation with this frock. As soon as I spied the ornate print I loved it and knew it had to come and live in my wardrobe.Its definitely one of my New Years Eves picks as well. 
This dress is so fab but you may need to size up if you are a busty babe

I did have a bit of a sizing issue with this dress and had to go one size up as it was very snug (you could see my kidneys kind of snug) and as you can see even sizing up has made it fit well but there is no room for loose change so if you get this I would recommend sizing up especially if you have big boobs/tummy.

The fabric of this dress makes it feel really structured

Bitchface with a Vivienne Westwood bag-standard

On the plus side the fabric which is polyester/elastene mix is very thick and feels very structured once its on.None of the white streching you get with cheaper bodycon dresses.
The arm length of this frock is my very favorite hitting just above the elbow. Its such a nice touch-why don't more dresses feature this? Its details like this which justify its £45 price tag. The zip at the back is hidden as well and the hemming is perfect.
Hurrah-sleeves that finish at the elbow

The length of the dress however is short and I could only ever see me wearing this with  leggings or tights or risk showing the world my knickers. Today I've worn my fave shiny leggings from Simply be and my fringed wedge boots. 
Baby got back
I love the overall fit of this dress (once I had worked out the sizing) especially the way it hugs your booty. Perfect if you have a lot of junk in your trunk.

Too much for the movies? nah!

Sure I'm a bit overdressed for the movies but I'm sure Cinna, Katniss stylist in the hunger games would approve!
go big or go home Betty

Ive decided with this dress the vibe has to be "go big or go home" and I've put in a big bun, worn a gold tiger necklace and my Liz Taylor homage sparkly ring. Its vavav voom glamour baby.
Hear me roar

A few years ago I would never have considered wearing a dress this fitted as it obviously highlights my fat tummy but I'm not in the army so really don't have to wear camouflage everyday. Im fat and that's fine, as is this dress.
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