Monday, 2 December 2013

Helping Make Photo Fantasies Come True

A few weeks ago myself, Lilly, Pookie-Rae and Nicky Rockets held our Fairytale Fantasy event. An opportunity for ladies to be transformed with some hair, make up and photography magic into their favourite characters from film, literature or just their dreams.
We run these kind of events a few times a year (Horror Hotties and Heroes vs Villains to name but a few) as the chance to design and create amazing make up looks and unusual photographs is such a treat. 
I absolutely love working at our themed hen parties and bridal bookings but it is wonderful to be able to be completely free and bonkers every now and again.
I  got into this career to be an artist and its important to top up your creative juices throughout the year.It also gives me and the other girls an opportunity to try out some amazing costumes and make up styling ourselves (all in the name of research you understand)
me as Dark Lilly from Legend
Lilly as a Mermaid
Pookie-Rae as a unicorn
Ready to rock

We are really fortunate that we now have a regulars who have been to all of our "special" events and I'm always so excited to see what they pick to be.
 In addition we also had some Pamperbox newbies who fancied unleashing their inner storybook and film characters and that was fantastic too.
Nicky Rockets is all about the props so a few weeks before the event (once we knew what everyone wanted to be) he started making things to accompany the hair, make up and costumes.
Nicky Rockets making a wolf head for one of our Red riding hoods
This year he made a huge horned headdress for Maleficent, centaur horns for our dark nymph, a globe for our Jereth Labyrinth themed character and huge playing cards  and a staff for the Queen of hearts. 
On the day of the shoot he even climbed out of a window to grab just the right branch to make Bellatrix Lestranges wand (this kind of batty loveliness is one of the many reasons I married him)
Fran ready to become a Vampire Queen
Whilst he is fashioning things out of paper mache and hot glue I busy myself  with face sheets. These are so useful on busy days when you are creating a lot of make up looks.I make notes of which colours and shades I'm using, if I'm applying false eyelashes, and allows me to draw out the look before I even begin. I often tweak these a few times until they are spot on.

facesheet for Woodland Nymph
facesheet for Bellatrix Lestrange
facesheet for Little red ridinghood

Woodland Nymph try out
I also practice all the make up looks on myself (which led to a rather awkward instance of me answering the door as the queen of hearts with mini playing cards stuck to my cheeks-the DHL man  is quite used to me by now luckily) 
Trying out the Queen of hearts make up-picture taken on my phone
Even though I just snap these on my camera (and they look totally weird with no costume and hair scraped back) they do give me an idea of what works and what doesn't so I don't waste any time on the day.
Valentina with her cute modern take on Tinkerbell

Baba was Coraline
The day as usual was just brilliant. The girls were all so lovely and so open to our crazy ideas. Its so amazing to see each transformation and  how their body language changes once they are "in character" 
As always we used lots of wigs from our sponsors Wonderland Wigs. These help finish the looks so well.
The day was made even more specila by the fact my sister and mum (The Queen of Hearts and Catwoman) also came along. As we live quite far away from each other I do really miss them so it was such a treat to spend all day with them and for them to see what I do.
Without further ado here are the finished pictures. I'm really proud of them and hope you enjoy them too.
Dark Fairy (wearing the horns Nicky Rockets made)
Woodland Nymph


Little Red Riding hood 

Harley Quinn

Vampire Queen

Bellatrix  Lestrange

The Queen Of Hearts


Little Red Ridinghood

If you would like to book an individual photo session with us or a themed event (minimum group number is ten) then don't hesitate to get in touch
All photos by Nicky Rockets

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