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A Betty Pamper Year In Picture

2013 its been good knowing you
Its always nice at this time of year to cast an eye back at how the year has gone and as a blogger I have the perfect resource. Looking over the past year I feel so grateful for the amazing experiences and cool people that have come into my life because of Pamper and Curves. Here are some of the highlights of 2013-all the highlighted links are to the original posts. Its makes me so excited for the new year ahead!

My favourite outfit at the start of the year was this red gingham number Tablecloth chic at its finest.
Table cloth chic

I kicked off the year planning looks for my Heroes vs Villians event so did a  make up tutorial on how to become Bat girl. A low key make up perfect for the school run.
I'm Batgirl
Probably the biggest highlight of January was seeing my book in Waterstones. Its was a total dream come true.Seeing its nestled next to Kirsty Allsops book all shiny and lovely made me almost burst with pride.
Its my book!!
Moshi Monsters!

February saw me hanging out with oversized children's characters at Moshi monster land I went to Alton towers with my little girl and we went Moshi crazy!
I also went to Comic con in Manchester. If you have never been to a comic con I can not recomend it highly enough. The costumes people make are ingenious, its so inspiring.
Hanging out with a "dirty ape" at Comic con

I filmed a wedding make up tutorial which proved very popular. It included a classic neutral eyeshadow technique as well as tips on face contouring and perfect brows.

My fave outfit post was definitely the Blue Note swing dress I had this dress made by a seller on ebay and it fitted perfectly. When you are a fatty bum bum getting clothes altered or even made can help ensure you have some beautifully well fitted clothes and its not that exspensive.
True Blue Baby I Love You
Super size me

Mrs Judge Dredd
This was the month I completed my first Plus size Cosplay shoot and dressed up as Wonderwoman, Batgirl and Judge Dredd. Im determined to show that the world of Cosplay isnt just the preserve of women with "perfect" proportions.
Betty Batgirl

I took part in a Voucher codes "How to wear challenge" which was fun. My favourite look was this 1960's bobby soxer style. How cute is this jumper!
My fave March outfit
I also attended Bravissimos Boob School which was hilarious.I was taught about all the bra mistakes us girls make and measured for a new bra. I also got to hang out with one of my favourite bloggers Elena from The Frivolous Mrs D blog
Me and Mrs D copping a feel
April was a great month for exciting work projects.
I held our first Heroes Vs Villains pamperday which was amazing. Transforming ladies into various comic book characters was such a treat as a make up artist and they all looked awesome.
Hanging with the Superheroes
I also worked on a beautiful 1920's inspired photoshoot for a company called Tea with Tom The look they wanted was a dark decedent take on the 1920's so we used lashings of black eyeliner and dark plum coloured lips.
Hanging with Lilly at the Tea with Tom shoot
1920's decadence
My fave outfit from this month was definitely this ring print dress by Simply be. Its got a slight 1940's feel to it and I love the sweet little collar.
If you liked it then you should have put a ring on it
Pepperberry Love

In May I was asked to look at the new collection by Pepperberry which was great fun. As well as trying on lots of the designs I got to take home my favourite which was this rather gorgeous green wrap dress.
With Callie from the blog "Corners of the curve" at the So fabulous event-we are sequin dress twins
I also attended an event by Plus size brand "So Fabulous" and took part in a style challenge. It was lovely to meet so many plus size bloggers and to get to try on the amazing clothes. We all fell in love with the multi coloured sequined dress.
My favourite outfit post from May was this polka dot dress by Bon Prix. I love polka dots and this stretchy frock with the little bow detail at the neckline is perfect.
Dotty about Polka print
My favourite outfit in June by a country mile was this Clemence Rebeiro dress by Evans. Some dresses make you feel instantly glamorous and this is one of them.Here I am about to go to see some burlesque.
I just adore this frock
I took part in a challenge to change the look of a room for £50 Resulting in pink skull wallpaper and zombie Toile cushions.It surprised how with a bit of clever online shopping I was able to revamp my bedroom for such a small amount.More dash than cash dahlinks.
My revamped bedroom
Myself and Lilly went on a local radio show to promote the Vintage Pamperbox It was such a laugh. Due to my hair flowers and flowered dress I was compared to Freida Karlo which is probably the highest compliment you could give me.

radio Gaga

My most popular make up tutorial in June was my How to eliminate under eye circles and eyebags It seems I'm not the only one who struggles with looking tired all the time. Don't you just love the power of make up.

July was about getting ready for my holidays. Ive always had a soft spot for Collectif so was loving this Tiki number by them. Its like a wiggle dress with a sarong style wrap at the waist. I particularly liked the bamboo belt. The devils in the details.
Tiki Tastic

My 5 Myths about fattys blog and video seemed to strike a cord with lots of you. Don't you just get so bored by people making assumptions about your health, personal hygiene and love life based on how fat you are? I know I do.

As it was my wedding anniversary I shared my exsperince of being a fat bride including no sample dresses to try on and a wedding photographer who obviously didnt think I was very attractive-the fool!

When fatty got married
I also shared the realisation that having dreaded being "Fat and forty" I realised I had never felt or looked better. Who knew!
Fat,forty, fabulous
These boots were made for walking

August was the month I finally found a pair of
knee high boots to fit my incredibly wide calves. All thanks to a challenge by plus size brand fashionworld.

I also went to Gran Canaria on holiday where I entertained the locals by shooting an outfit post on the side of the road. Good job they like big bums over there!
Honk honk
Discovering Crown and glory was also a bit of a highlight for me in August. Nothing makes me happier than wearing sparkly headbands and their Liberace ears were pretty much glued to my head for much of the summer.
The ears have it
have you seen my new boyfriend (jacket)

I love how my blog encourages me to try out new styles and having been a bit unsure that someone with boobs as big as mine could rock the "Boyfriend jacket" look I actually fell in love with this jacket by Simply be
Watching the stylists and make up artists at work

It was very exciting to be invited to watch the filming of the new Curvissa TV advert As well as watching all the action I also got a sneak peek at the latest collection.

Hanging with one of the lovely models from the shoot
September was the month I went to Plus North which was amazing. I also made my catwalk debut there for the beautiful brand Scarlet and Jo I was so nervous but it actually went well. I didnt stumble and the frocks I got to wear were so beautiful.
Voguing my tits off
Fashion-turn to the left
Plus North was such a postive exsperince. meeting fellow plus size bloggers, brands and motovational speakers was amazing-huge kudos to Becky and Toni who organised it. I also wore one of my fave  Simply be frocks for the day event. I nicknamed this frock my "Startrek dress' as I felt like a futuristic air hostess in it.
The startrek frock
September also saw me discussing the problems faced by many plus size chicks when they get pregnant Predudice by ignorant healthcare professionals and assumptions that any problems encountered during the pregnany are entirely down to weight. Its demented me when I was pregnent and I know from the responses I received many of you exsperinced the same.
Bumpy bump
October is always one of my fave months. I love halloween and autumn so its a perfect storm of red leaves and pumpkins for me.
I lived in this ghost jumper I adore a themed jumper and this one just went with everything.
We also  launched a brand new Killer Curves Teeshirt in october. This time Curverella was taking on the zombies. Im so proud of these tee shirts. Rock n roll styling featuring a gorgeous chunky heroine.
Curverella and the zombies
In preperation for my new Fairytale fantasy make up workshop I also recreated Lily from the film legend. Proving that just because a film or fantasy character is originally slender it doesnt mean you can't do your own interpretation of it if you are a fabulous fatty. 
Dark Lily
No surprises that my most popular make up tutorial in october was my Sexy vampire make up its seems you lot cant get enough of saucy blood suckers
Let me suck your blood
November was just completely off the hook for fantastic exsperiences.
Its kicked off with me meeting Gok Wan when he launched his new underwear range for Simply be. Gok was as charming as you would imagine and his underwear range is lovely. Its so nice when well known people dont disapoint.
Getting my Gok on
Myself and Lilly were booked to provide a portable pamper booth at the fab event  Plus London working for clothing brand Curvissa. Making over lots of plus size lovelies was such a great exsperince.
At Plus London with Lilly
I was  so excited to be asked to model for Simply be in their Golden renaisance Christmas campaign alongside some other amazing bloggers. Filmed at a country house it was a wonderful exsperince and I love the final images. 
With fellow bloggers Allie, nancy, Rosie and Rachel at the Simply be shoot
The publicity from the campaign particuarly as Simply be made the decison not to photoshop the images saw me make my Daily mail debut. It had to happen and yes the comments were hideous but it still made me laugh to see my fat little face beaming out and annoying the fat bashers.

Dont feed the trolls

In November I also went to my first ever awards show as I was nominated for best plus size blogger at the International plus size awards As well as getting to hang out with some of my fave blogger babes I also presented the award for best accesory brand. I didnt win my award but had a great night regardless.
with the lovely Becky Bebe and Rivkie from Slink magazine

Soaking up the atmosphere
Meeting Towies Gemma Collins
The ever supportive Simply be supplied me and my little girl with our outfits to wear on the night. I felt amazing in my Mermaid dress.

Me and my beautiful daughter

Which brings me neatly to December. Another of my fave months. I love Christmas and everything associated with it.
Ive gone with a Doctor Who theme this year
My tardis blue Doctor Who themed Christmas tree

Even the cats have got into the spirit of Christmas

Its Christmas jumper time
My fave outfits this month have included this gorgeous cape

Im a sexy owl
This gorgeous Peplum top

Going for gold
This edgy zip dress

Zip it shrimpie
And this amazing Jewel print body con number
Body con babe
I hope my blog continues to offer inspiration and ideas, and gives all you plus size hotties the confidence to take your place in the world as  sassy stylish beautiful women. Never appologise for your size and never let anyone tell you what you should or should not wear or do.
Thankyou to all my readers for your constant support. It means the world to me.

Capturing the Curve Workshops
In other body confidence news I'm planning two plus size pin up workshops next years, one in Manchester and one in London. A day to revel in your curvy beauty, be made over myself and Lilly Von Pink and have your very own photoshoot in a safe empowering enviroment-All the details can be found here

Limited Edition Killer Curves Tee Shirts (including the brand new Curverella and the zombies design) Now On Sale

My brand new Killer Curve tee Shirts cost £13 and are available to buy from here having curves never looked so good!

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