Wednesday, 4 December 2013

A Little Black Dress For A Plus Size Hottie

A LBD with a huge amount of style

Few things in terms of fashion turn me off more than the expression "Little black dress" its become some sort of shorthand for unadventurous safe eveningwear and having spent years of my life always wearing black due to the misguided idea it "slimmed me down" I tend to seek out frocks of a thousand colours-like Joseph and his amazing technicolor dream coat but without H from steps and all in a fat size.
My exception to the LBD rule

Navabi's colections-a touch of class
I do make exceptions though and this dear friends is one hell of an exception.
I've loved Navabis collections for sometime. Beautifully made, fashion forward clothes which scream quality. The fabrics and cuts are always amazing. They are at the higher end of the price range for plus size clothes but if you are after threads that make you feel expensive, tailored and classy then this is the brand for you.
Matte and shiny fabrics-creating the perfect hourglass

Transparent sleeves-let your arm art peak out

I fell in love with this Steilmann's dress with transparent sleeves as soon as I laid eyes on it.
It appears at first glance to be a classic shift dress (albeit with saucy see through sleeves) but on closer inspection its something else entirely.
Its actually made of two different types of fabric. A shiny fabric forms the inner panel with a matte fabric at the sides
A classic shift with a twist

Bodycon trickery
This is the classic bodycon trick of using two colours or finishes to make your  silhouette appear even more of an  hourglass but what makes this dress stand out for me is the finish and cut. 
It feels really well made and its the perfect length. It looks fairly understated on the hanger but once tried on I felt amazing.
Hear me roar
As befitting  a dress so glamorous I've worn a new tiger necklace (from Primarni) which matches the tiger head on my Juicy Couture bag perfect.
The sizing on this dress is generous and the cut is super flattering.

Black tights and heels are all this dress needs. I feel wonderful in this and know I will get so much wear out of it.
At £114.90 this is most definitely an investment piece rather than something you would buy on a whim but if you are bored of clothes that are one hit wonders,look awful after a few washes or are just too short/tight then check Navabi out.
The sizing on this is generous. I got my normal size 20 and could easily have gone down a size but the slightly loose cut adds to the expensive look of the thing.
Channelling Liz Taylor-The bloat years
I'm feeling very Liz Taylor in this frock-pass me a dry martini dahlink!
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