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We have (A) Lift off at the salon

Its no secret that I’m always on the lookout for products promising to keep me looking “youthful”
I’ve promised my husband I will never go down the surgical route but apart from that I am always a keen guinea pig for new beauty treatments. 
I don’t mind getting older (in fact I’ve never been happier since hitting my late thirties/early forties) but I just hate looking tired.
So when Gaynor from the Gaynor Parry salon offered me a series of A-Lift facials to get me ready for attending the Plus size awards I was very happy indeed.
The Team at Gaynor Parrys
A-Lift is a deluxe anti-aging facial that claims to use the latest technology to re-energise cells in the face and neck. The treatment boasts of  “immediate results and long-lasting effects,” and compares it to “airbrushing the signs of ageing away”
It all sounded a bit too good to be true but as it also non invasive and pain free I figured it couldn’t do me any harm and maybe would help me look fresher for my big event.
Arriving at the Salon-a little bit nervous and with my usual under eye circles
I was a little bit nervous when I arrived at Gaynor’s salon (which is lovely) but straight away my beauty therapist Chloe put me at ease.
Chloe explained that our skin cells are like batteries. They produce lots of energy (known as ATP), which causes the skin to regenerate and stay looking healthy and supple. As you get older, the power in those cells decrease, meaning that your ATP levels are lower. As a result, your skin starts to lose its youthfulness, and the muscles in the face, neck and jaw start to sag. The A-Lift reenergizes the cells leaving your skin looking plumper and softer without the use of filers.
The A-Lift (stock photo)
For best results you need three treatments (I had two) and after filling in a fairly detailed questionnaire about my health, any underlying medical conditions etc we were off.
The facial itself was incredibly relaxing. The beauty therapist massaged my skin with what looked like mini jump cables. The treatment latest 40 minutes and didn’t hurt at all.
Immediately afterwards (sans foundation) loving how plumped out and fresh my skin looks
I don’t know what I was expecting but I was really surprised at how fab my skin looked straight away. My biggest problem area for lines is my forehead and these were significantly plumped out. I also noticed that the areas around the side of my nose, which have started to hollow out as I’ve got older, looked fuller.
After my second treatment-make up free and looking a bit of a drowned rat but my skin felt so soft
I went along a few days later and it was just as relaxing and my skin looked amazing again.
I also had my eyebrows shaped and coloured by Ashley at the salon and other than Lilly Von Pink this is the best brow shaping I have ever had.
Loving my newly shaped brows too
So how did my skin fare afterwards? Well its continued to look a lot fresher so I would definitely say its long lasting. I also found my make up applied more evenly.One thing I did find is that I got a small outbreak of spots under the skin on my jaw line which I always tend to with any facial which uses oils, so unlike me if you are planning to treat yourself to one of these treatments I would do it a few weeks before an event. 
A few days after the treatment-My skin still looks great
I am totally convinced this works though and will definitely book myself in for a few a year now. At £60 a go these are not cheap but so much less scary than Botox or fillers.
And how did I feel on the night of my event? Absolutely awesome. here I am in full glitter queen mode.
With Gemma Collins at the Plus Size Awards who is also a fan of the A-Lift facial apparently

Ready to party
Gaynor Parry’s Salon
is at 4  Holmlands Drive Prenton 0151 609 0378
The treatments I received were complimentary but I have not been paid for this post and my views are my own.As with any beauty treatment always go to a qualified beautician who should ask you a series of health related questions before you begin.

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