Friday, 22 November 2013

The Day Betty Pamper Was In The Daily Mail

Uh oh

It had to happen I suppose. Having lambasted the Daily mail over the years, it was probably fate that one day I would get the text from a well meaning messenger of doom stating the following 
"Oh no the Daily Mail are running a piece about the Simply Be campaign. Out come the trolls and keyboard haters, take to the mattresses"
Its a peculiar feeling having often gasped at both the hateful content and comments of many an article written in the daily hate regarding plus size women to suddenly find myself as one of those people discussed.
Having modelled for a Christmas campaign for Simply be with a group of other bloggers the Daily mail had picked up on the fact that the brand had decided to forgo airbrushing on the finished pictures.
 The article itself was fairly harmless and quite  positive about both the pictures and Simply be's decision to leave the photos Au naturel as it were, the comments were another thing.
At first I had taken my friends advice and not read them but curiosity got the better of me. Given how hideous some commentators on the mail can be they were fairly tame. A few hilarious quips about reaching for the cookie dough,  a few  bemoaning the "normalisation" of fat people (hate to break it to you but we are normal, its not like we have three tits) but on the whole all quite manageable. The clothes themselves seemed to receive the most criticism which was surprising as I thought what we each modelled was beautiful.
What was intriguing was that quite a few people I know claim they left comments which were very positive which were never published and despite the article being on line and comments still being allowed there have been the same 25 mainly negative comments from day one-how odd!

Yahoo Shine-Lovely article-terrible comments

The story was picked up by quite a few other websites and it was actually on these that I experienced the worst comments. Yahoo Shine wrote a lovely piece saying how much they loved the campaign and the comments were split quite evenly by people saying how much they liked them and how refreshing it was to see fat women modelling clothes aimed at, well fat women and people totally slating us, calling us "disgusting" "repulsive" and a "bad example" my favourite comment though was from someone called "Bob" who said he would very much like to sleep with all of us. Bob your offer is under consideration.
I wont lie its not pleasant reading comments which call you an ugly bastard but having given it much thought since it was published I still believe that seeing my fat little face in a paper like the Mail is important, because for every commentator who thinks I am disgusting there are undoubtedly many, many women who firstly need to switch newspapers but are also seeing someone who actually looks more like then than than anything else in the publication. Standing proud despite my apparently "repulsive" body gives others permission to stop buying into the endless hateful body shaming that plays out daily in the media and in our day to day lives.
One lady I very much admire Lolly from lollylikesfatshion gave me the very best advice when I went to twitter saying how scared I was of the coverage Lolly said it was wonderful  "seeing fab fat ladies that matter! Changing the way people view their own bodies and learning fat aint bad" 
I couldn't have said it better myself.

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  1. I missed the article somehow, so just searched and read it. One comment made me laugh:
    "Dreadful! Todays fashions rely on being slim to look good. These ladies do not. There are much more flattering clothes out there than what they are wearing that would make them look fabulous"

    Yes ladies, take note, we should wear huge black baggy clothes to 'flatter' us, I mean larger women don't want to wear 'today's fashions'

    And 25 comments is very low, methinks DM don't want to publish anymore for some reason....

  2. I was impressed by the article itself but I did read some of the comments and was shocked. There are some horrid people in the world and I'm sorry that they turned their words on you. I think the way to deal with it is to think how awesome it is that people saw it and that that in itself is the start of a change in the way people think; it IS normal and it IS ok and you are part of the revolution.

  3. I came across yours and other plus size blogs looking for advice as I was stuck in a rut, wearing jeans mostly. I never thought at size 22 I would be able to wear a dress, but thats what you and the other ladies are wearing and it has given me so much confidence to follow your blogs and read the reviews. Im now wearing a dress and leggings for the first time ever and cant tell you enough how glad I am that your blog exists.

  4. I've just checked out the article and some of the comments - mmm, that was 'interesting'. As you say, the article itself is lovely, but those comments! How dare some people? I had to smile at 'Gary' - poor bloke still thinks ladies turn him down because he doesn't have a BMW or Lotus, talk about letting him down gently :) You all look fabulous, so don't give them a second thought.
    Deb x


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