Friday, 8 November 2013

Simply Be Golden Renaissance Shoot

Modelling for Simply Be's Golden Renaissance Campaign

Last month I was very excited to be asked by Simply be to model in their Christmas campaign called "Golden Renaissance"  alongside four other amazing bloggers-Rachel from a Dress is for Life, Nancy from Sugar Darling, Rosie from A Rose like this  and Allie from Inside Allies world

On a cold October morning we all arrived at the beautiful Thornton manor on the Wirral to be greeted with the hustle and bustle that only a full photographic crew brings.
Thornton Manor
The crew busy setting up

None of us had any idea what we would be wearing and I admit the control freak in me was really nervous. I have such a strong sense of my own style, its such an alien concept to allow someone else to choose my clothes but I really trust Charlotte from Simply Be who has supported my blog for a long time so I decided to put myself in the teams hands and just enjoy it.
So many lovely things

Shoes, shoes everywhere

The room where we were getting ready was like an Aladdin’s cave of loveliness, racks of clothes, rows of shoes and suitcases full of accessories-it was a total dream.
Yes there were shelves and shelves full of accessories
Once we were fitted for our outfits we each were whisked into hair and make up, we even got manicures and pedicures-we were so pampered.

Me and Rachel did raid the accessories a little here she is showing off one of the many rings we tried on

Rachel in curlers getting her nails done

Nancy with hair and make up done-ready to be dressed

Nancy receiving the star treatment

Rosie getting her hair done
Each girl had there own theme and mine was “Be Rock n roll” I needn’t have worried as I absolutely loved what I wore.My outfit comprised of a full sequin wiggle dress which is absolutely amazing and leather style leggings with killer heels My hair and make up was suitably edgy too, massive quaffed hair and lashings of eyeliner I felt really beautiful.

I loved the smoky eyeshadow the make up artist did for me
Wow that's big hair
My outfit-I love it!

We each did our own photo shoot and then at the end we did a group photo which was an absolute scream. 

Here are some of my shots:

And here are the other beautiful bloggers:



And here is one of the fab group shots:

The day sped by in what seemed like the blink of an eye and too soon I was getting back into my own clothes and driving home big hair still in place. 

Thank you so much Simply Be for such a wonderful opportunity-I loved every moment. 

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  1. All you ladies look amazing! Love all the outfits too! So happy Simply Be are using non models of a range of sizes to show off their clothes! Such a great step in the right direction for fat fashion x

  2. you all look so beautiful, how nice for you to be the one in the chair for hair & makeup for a change! A big boobilicuous well done to you. You should be VERY proud of yourself. So pleased for you. Working in fashion, it's so hard to try and push the boundaries. As a size 16 on top and a 12-14 on the bottom, I'm classed as plus size, tbh it's a phrase don't really like, I'm a size with boobs and bum - which ok is a plus! ;)

  3. Wow that is such a cool shoot and a great opportunity for all you ladies. You're all looking fabulous and the styling, backdrop, hair & makeup are all great. It's very well done x

  4. O.M.G! You look stunning! As do all your colleagues! Your eyes look absolutely beautiful in the close up shot! Glad you had such a super time :-) loving the hair too!

  5. Having met you at the the Gok event recently, I can safely say that you look every bit as stunning in real life as you do on your blog and here in these photos. I think Simply Be got your look spot on and you totally rock your outfit! It sounds like it was a terrific experience x

  6. You all look amazing! Your beehive was epic and those leather style leggings are the sex! x x

  7. I think the outfits look amazing, and just make each woman's personality shine though. I love all the photos, but the last group one makes me smile too. You all look so confident, happy and natural. (Natural as in not posed)

  8. I love, love, love this! Your hair looks incredible and all the outfits and ladies look stunning! Brilliant!

  9. I love your outfit. I might look at that dress for myself. All of you look stunning. And it is so much fun that they have sed bloggers as models. Great looks sexy women!! :)

  10. this is great all you gals look fab.


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