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Capturing The Curve

Click click you buxom beauty

What's in a photograph?
We live in an age when taking a photograph of yourself has become a national pastime. With our mobile phones having amazing cameras on them we chronicle our lives often on an hour to hour basis.
But what if you hate having your photograph taken? What if over the years humiliated by bad pictures of yourself looking less than glam your self confidence has eroded to such a degree that when the camera comes out you disappear.
Gorgeous women deserve gorgeous photos
For a lot of plus size women this is a daily reality. Dashing out the room when the snapping starts, holding up cushions to hide their faces or simply insisting that they are not included in any pictures taken regardless of the event.
No big problem you might think but consider this, if you hate having your photograph taken almost to the point of phobia you might miss out on pictures of yourself with your kids or loved ones. Pictures that may one day be important. And by deciding you are “unphotogenic” or “too fat” to take a good photo you are marginalising yourself and making a statement-“I am not pretty’ you wouldn't dream of saying to someone else “you are not attractive enough to have your photograph taken” so why on earth would you say this to yourself.
During my work as a make up artist at the vintage pamperbox I have met women who believe adamantly they are unattractive and unphotogenic. They refuse to believe they are beautiful and ridding them of this belief is possibly one of the best parts of my job.

Sultry Glamour-standard
I know for a fact there are no " unphotogenic" women just bad photographs. I've made it my raison d' etre over the last few years to help create photographs for women who previously thought it impossible to have a nice picture taken. Nicky rockets my husband and collaborator is a man who sees the inner goddess in all of his subjects. Fat, thin, young, old he just has a wonderful knack for creating an environment where even the most camera shy woman feels at ease and beautiful. Yes beautiful.
Discover your inner goddess
Along with Lilly we jokingly call ourselves “team wonderful” because if we haven’t made you look and feel wonderful we haven’t done our job.
 It's a mission and one I’m very proud of.
Beauty at every size and shape
A few weeks ago we sprinkled some make up and camera magic on Sara. I had met Sara at Plus North and she is truly adorable. Her life has had more than a few major traumas in it and yet she is so positive and upbeat. She spoke to me about how she would love to have a great photograph taken as she really disliked having her picture taken and her blog profile picture wasn't even really in focus. She had finally made the connection that she was a gorgeous curvy woman and wanted some images to help illustrate how far she had come.
The fabulous Sara
Sara spent a few hours with myself and Lilly being taught all our very best hair and make up tricks and being given a total make over. Roller set hair, false eyelashes, glossy lips, the works. 
Sharing all our hair and make up tricks
She was already a fabulous looking woman but with our help she actually believed it when we told her - here is part of an email she sent me which she has very kindly let me reproduce:
“I have been on a journey of learning to love the body I now have. For the most part I have pretended. Yet when I saw the photos from my day with Betty, Lilly and Nicky I was truly shocked. The women on those photographs was truly beautiful. Then it finally hit home that woman was me. I cannot thank them enough for this realisation. What started as a fun day turned into a life changing experience"
I won’t lie this made me cry and renewed my determination that every Woman should be made to feel like a total Goddess.Here are some of Sara's pictures:

With this in mind next year I will be holding a series of workshops called “Capturing The Curve” aimed at plus size hotties who are ready to unleash their inner vixen and would like their very own pin up photo session.
As well as sharing with you how I finally embraced my size and shape and offering you tips and strategies for taking your place in the world as a beautiful plus size woman (and I hope hearing about your experiences too) this event will include a workshop in hair and make up techniques, a full makeover for each luscious lovely and a photo shoot with Nicky Rockets.
This will be a safe empowering environment allowing you take control of how you feel about your image, give yourself a well deserved confidence boost in the company of other gorgeous plussies and have a set of photographs taken which you will truly love, photos you want to spam your social media newsfeeds with and turn into screensavers. I will be on hand to help you with posing and will of course be able to offer loads of advice before the event on outfit choices and brainstorm the type of look you would like to achieve. 

Capturing the curve
I will be holding one event in London and one in Manchester and the date is still to be confirmed. If you would like to be put on the provisional list please email me and I can supply you with all the details including ticket prices and dates once its confirmed.
Get ready for your close up!

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