Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Becoming A Chubby Mermaid

Ready to party with my fellow fattys
At the weekend I attended the British Plus Size Awards. I was nominated for best plus size blogger and had also been asked to collect an award on behalf of Accessorize. The awards as it turned out did spark some controversy and I will write about that later in the week but first I wanted to share with you what I wore.
When planning what to wear at a black tie event its really easy to  fall into "American Beauty Queen" territory. The invite had stated dresses must be floor length which if adhered to discounts well over 50% of the available plus size evening dresses out there.
I don't do floor length, I'm too fat and short to carry it off and always feel I look like Yoda, so right from the off I knew I wanted something semi fitted, to the knee and in a fabric or colour that would be a real showstopper. 
I looked at a few brands but having recently modeled for Simply be I knew their party dress selection is amazing this year so they were my natural choice.
I don't so floor length-end of

 I had seen this  Mermaid green sequined dress by AX Paris a few weeks before and instantly fell in love with it. Simply be offered to dress both myself and my little girl (from their recently launched Simply be kids range) which was so kind of them and we waited for the postman every morning, anxious to try on our frocks.
Breathtaking colour

My dress when it arrived was actually more breathtaking than in the picture. The colour is just magical and despite being quite fitted, the fabric is heavy enough that with some shapewear I didn't feel you could see every lump and bump.
This dress is fitted without showing everyone what you had for dinner

A dress this glittery demands twinkly shoes so I opted for these Glitter flared heels which were high enough to give me some statue but didn't look as if I would be hobbling around all night.
Twinkle twinkle little shoes
Although the dress on its own is quite beautiful, as it had a high neck I decided it needed a collar of diamonds. 
My budget couldn't stretch to the real thing so I picked up this beautiful necklace from Primark for £6.
Bling, bling

Matching hairbow and bitchface

To finish off the look I wore a matching hairbow and a Glitter Disco clutch  by Accessorize. 
Rather than wear tights or bare legs I decided to wear the dress with my Grazia wet look leggings from Simply be. Its a style I first tried at the Golden Renaissance shoot and I've come to love it. It turns a party outfit into something slightly more edgy.
Wet look leggings makes a nice change from tights
No helmet head for this Mermaid

yet again not wanting to comply too much with the blacktie rules that seem to deem that every woman must wear her hair in a helmet like "up do" I decided to carry on with the Mermaid theme and have my hair down and softly waved.

Mermaid got back

 I felt absolutely wonderful in this dress.Its so beautiful. I shimmered like a well fed sea creature. Some dresses are works of art and this is one of them.

Her debut outfit post-Baba in Simply be kids

My little girl chose a one strap spotted dress  which she teamed with a white furry gillet from Primark and her black Goldigga wedges.
She was so excited about attending the event with us. I try to take her to things like this whenever I can. It shows her that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes. She has already declared she wants to be a "Plus size fashion designer" when she grows up.
What a dollychops
Betty and baby Betty

As is so often the case I actually enjoyed the getting ready to go out process more than the event itself which is often par for the course with me. Its all about the clothes and when the clothes look this good can you blame me?
London we are coming to get you
Mummy and daughter voguing in Simply Be

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