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Along Came Betty Make Up Review

Putting Tesco on my boat race-every little helps
As a make up artist and cosmetic nut I long ago gave up being snobby about supermarket and drugstore make up, some of it is great and some of it is pants you just have to try it.
I absolutely love the Tesco Vivo range of eye shadows-super pigmented and in lovely shades so when I spied they had brought out a vintage inspired range of make up called "Along came Betty" I decided it would be bad mannered to ignore something with my name on.
Some of these items frustratingly are not showing on the Tesco site but were in my local Tesco's only a few weeks ago so you should be able to get hold of them and they are readily available on ebay
I decided to pick up four items which I use every day.I don't think I am telling you anything you cant already see when I say that for the most part these items look to have been very "influenced" by the Soap and Glory and Benefit ranges. Similar packaging, similar witty names, they look gorgeous so are ideal for Christmas gifts (yes I'm dropping the Christmas bomb, its November, get over it) here is what I thought of Tesco's slap.

All Concealed Concealer kit-£5

This is a dead ringer for a similar kit by Laura Mercier and I have seen it touted as a bit of a high end "dupe by a few beauty bloggers. Its contains an under eye concealer, a blemish concealer and a small pot of brightening setting powder. I suffer from really bad under eye circles so am always on the hunt for the holy grail of under eye concealers and the closest I have got (and my firm fave) is Benefits Boi-ing. This product isn't going to replace my beloved Benefit however its not bad at all. 

fairly good coverage for my under eye circles

Concealer, cover up and brightener powder

The consistency is creamy, the coverage is even and it definitely does cover your under eye bags. I only used a little of the setting powder as I have slight lines under my eyes and felt they sat in them but it definitely has some brightening properties.A great little product especially at this price.

Along came Betty Its Eyetime Subtle eyeshadow kit £3.99
Its Eye time

This set was what made me take a second look at this range as I glided by with my trolley full of groceries. It contains the colour's I tend to use most in my day to day make up and looked perfect for doing a neutral smoke. As well as having a pale cream colour and a medium and dark brown it also has an eyeliner polish which is great for wearing under your eyes. 
using the three shadows on the lids and the eyeliner polish underneath

Needs a little building but looks nice once on

the "Eyetime" pan-it looks more like a grey palette here but its actually browns

The shades are lovely and it is indeed subtle but to create any sort of definition I found I had to really build this up. As I always find when it comes to eye shadows you do usually get what you pay for. I wouldnt get this again but its OK to have in the bottom of your bag for touch up over your usual eyeshadow.

Along Came Betty Brwow brow kit £5.99

This was by far my favorite product. Its a dead ringer for the benefit Zing brow kit and similar to the Elf brow kit too both of which I use all the time. 
My fave product from this range

Great set of powders, wax and highlighter

I brought the fair/brown kit and it contained two shades of brown, a highlighter for creating a good eyebrow arch and a brown wax to tame any unruly brows. Other than the HD brow kit I have which rocks a house of brows I really don't think there is much between most brow kits so if you are in need of some brow pampering this is definitely a good buy.

Along Came Betty dare To define Jumbo eyeliner pen £4.99
Dare to define
I do love a felt tip pen style eyeliner pen so was keen to try this especially as the shade is described as "Carbon". The pen is described as a "Jumbo liner" the idea being that this will allow you to do thick black lines. 
Dare to define-too thick

Its a Betty thumbs down Im afraid

All it actually means is a lack of precision and a tip so thick that even I who has been applying liquid eyeliner since dinosaurs roamed the earth found this to be inaccurate and quite annoying to use. Sorry to be such a negative Nettie but I hate this.I know a few brands are doing these thicker liners (Loreals Superliner springs to mind) but the nib on this is so thick it makes it really hard to get any sharpness in your flicks which is essential regardless of the thickness.
So there you have it a bit of a mixed bag but my final conclusion is that for the price its a lovely range and if you are mad on Soap and Glory and Benefits packaging and after a cheep make up fix these are not bad at all (just avoid the eyeliner pen-it sucks)
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