Friday, 25 October 2013

Zombie Pin Up Make Up Tutorial

Zombie Betty

Regular readers of my blog will know that when it comes to Halloween I am slightly bonkers in my enthusiasm. I start planning costumes and parties weeks ahead and every year try to come up with an even better costume (this year I have two)
So without further ado here is a quick step by step guide to help you turn yourself into a pin up zombie.

You will need
White facepaint
Grey Face crayon
Brown blusher/Bronzer
Grey and black Eyeshadow
Black Kohl
Rubber sticky backed wounds (I brought mine on a sheet from pound land)
Red Lip liner
Red Lipstick
False eyelashes
Liquid latex
Fake Blood
Yes even Baba  gets into the facepaint action

Step One
Prep your skin. Put a face and eyelid primer on.

Prep and Prime

Step two
Cover your face in white facepaint
Looking a bit "peaky"

Step Three
Take a grey facepaint/crayon and draw in hollows in your cheeks and under the eyes.
This is what I look like with a hangover

Step Four
use a brown bronzer to further define your cheekbones
Even Zombie need defined cheeks

Step Five
Sweep light grey eyeshadow across your lids. Then use black eyeshadow along the socket line. Take this up at the outer corners to "cat eye" the look and blend with a brush.

A Zombie yes, but a glam one
Step Six
Use black kohl under your eyes and liquid eyeliner on your upper lids winged

I have eyes again

Step Seven
Dapple black eye shadow along your cheek bones and through your hairline to create a battered smudgy look. You have just clawed your way out of a grave remember!
Dappled like a pony

Step Eight
Sweep black shadow through your brows with a slanted brush. Make eyebrows arched.

Step Nine
Add your wounds. the ones I brought had sticky on the back but others will require spirit gum. Blend these in with a little white paint.Add indentations with liquid latex and create stitches with black eyeshadow

Step Ten
Line your lips. Create a full shape and then apply a layer of red lip gloss.
Did you really think i would forgoe lippy?

Step Eleven
Add false eyelashes and then brush over with a coat of mascara

Step Twelve
Dab some fake blood on your wounds and lips, make your hair as huge as possible and chuck on a wiggle dress. Then chomp on some brains and have a great time!

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