Sunday, 13 October 2013

When Christmas Themes Go Bad (which means good)

I'm theming myself into a frenzy
It seems winter has definitely arrived at Pamper Towers. The air is crisp, leaves brown, trees looking bare and there is the unmistakable whiff of seasonal excitement along with the smell of bonfires.
As well as thinking about my Halloween and bonfire night plans, I confess this week I also started thinking about Christmas ( please don't pelt me with the flip flops you were wearing only last week)
Now when I say thinking about Christmas I don't mean in a practical sensible way,making a present list to ensure my next few paydays are evenly divided or making my Christmas cake so it has a good few months to absorb all the booze, no as usual with me it's all about the look of the thing.

I am obsessed with the idea of me and my family looking like something from a naff Christmas card and each year want to ramp up the kitsch factor even more.
This week the Dotcom Giftshop (who I heart, they sell the bunny lights I love) offered me the chance to win an i-pad if i wrote a Christmas themed blogpost.
I have these all over my house
 Oh how could I refuse.I would love an i-pad and the chance to talk about Christmas unseasonably early? too good an opportunity to miss.

Its Christmas Jumper time!

This year I have decided its all about the Christmas jumper and am already casting around for reindeer festooned monstrosities which wouldn't look out of place at a Bridget Jones/Mark Darcy style turkey curry buffet. I'm particularly loving this one by Excite

Christmas jumpers-oh yes

I'm very lucky that my husband and daughter totally indulge my obsession with seasonal themes and happily play along with my vaguely manic planning of outfits and decorations two months before December.

Luckily my husband and little girl find my Christmas campness funny even allowing me to set up daft photoshoots

I never stick to the same Christmas decorations either and every year choose something totally different.Last year my theme was Victorian Miss Havisham with ivy and dripping candles everywhere, the year before it was Elvis and pink glitter.
Every year I want a totally different theme-it could be pink glitter and Elvis

Or swags of ivy and vaguely Miss Hevissham candles
This year I'm thinking about going back to the classic 1970's Christmas of my childhood, I'm envisaging a big slightly ugly tree, blue tinsel and and am already bookmarking these fabulously retro red Christmas paper bells and 
paperchains  from the Dotcom Gift shop.

Ding dong

Paper chains will fit perfectly with my planned decorations

I know it's too early, I know Christmas is also about something bigger than decorations, gifts and novelty jumpers but sipping a mulled wine, creating a Christmas Pinterest board and drooling over fairy lights has become my latest guilty pleasure.
I promise no more Christmas mentions until after Halloween.

My Christmas theme will be perfect-or else!

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