Wednesday, 2 October 2013

Whats Putting A Smile On My Dial This Week

Looking for my happy place

Its been a while since Ive done one of these posts but I've noticed that over the past couple of weeks lots of people have been feeling really fed up so thought I would share some totally random and slightly inane things which have nevertheless been making me very happy. Feel free to copy.

A Street cat Named Bob
An amazing cat 

This book is a total joy bringer. The true story of how a stray cat and a recovering drug addict came into each others world by mere chance and created a wonderful life together. I am a big cat fan anyway so need no persuading that they are without a doubt wonderful companions and very intelligent creatures indeed but even so parts of this book really touched me. A total feel good book, highly recommended.

Novelty Jumpers

I am a sucker for a seasonal jumper (I'm already bookmarking particularly hideous Christmas ones) so this Ghost jumper from New Look has just made my month (I will outfit post it soon) As soon as the calender showed October I stuck it on and I fear you may have to peel it off my back come November.

The IG feed of Dawn O'Porter
Vintage Dress Porn
Istagram is fast becoming one of my favourite social media apps.No pictures of abused animals (yes facebook I'm looking at you) no time lines full of social events you don't feel part of (I don't watch "Breaking bad" for the love of all things holy Twitter-shut up)
 I'm a great believer in surrounding yourself with things and people who make you happy and following writer and TV presenter Dawn O Porters IG feed is just a joy to behold. 
Apple green jumpsuit, check, jaunty pose at traffic lights, check
Dawn is a vintage clothing nut so her feed is chocked full of pictures of her in amazing clothes, interspersed with pictures of her very cute cats and dogs.Its a social media happy place.

Flower Power

 Forget following celebs like Rhianna, for total eye candy Ms OP is where its at.

Heinz Pea And Mint Soup
Its very green and very tasty

Now that autumn is officially here I am craving warming soups and this pea and mint soup is all kinds of awesome. Be warned it looks like something cooked by Mrs Fungus the bogeyman but once you get past the sludge like appearance it is a party for the taste buds. In usual style I am now having this for lunch every day so in two weeks will never be able to look at it again (why do I do this to myself) but right now I can't get enough.

Doing Yoga
Yes I have

I've recently become  interested in a more holistic approach to my health and fitness and taking up yoga has been great for my state of mind and in showing me how amazing my body is.
 I go to a class taught by the rather fabulous Justine (if you are in Liverpool or Wirral check out her classes, she is awesome) and despite not having a limber bone in my body after only a few weeks am now achieving a level of bendiness I wouldnt have felt possible.
Namaste Fattys

Yoga is a great activity if you are unfit or uncomfortable at the idea of going to the gym or a zumba class as it allows you to work at your own pace but it does push your body in a wonderful way. A few weeks ago we concentrated on our core muscles and by the end of the session my downward dog was like a shaky puppy. I felt amazing afterwards though.

Having Pink hair
Tickled Pink

A few weeks ago I was feeling a bit "meh" about a few things including my hair. On a whim I dyed the front of it pink and now I am loving its Barbara Cartland rosiness. Its a relatively small change but its perked me up no end.

So that's whats making me smile this week-whats tickling your pickle?

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