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Tell Me Your Fantasies

Just another day at the office
On November the 9th I am holding a brand new hair, make up and photography event called Fairytale/Fantasy
 It follows on from last years very popular Horror Hottie and Heroes vs Villains events. Its a simple premise, think of your favourite character from film, comics, mythology, fairytales or folklore and we will transform you into a beautiful interpretation with the help of make up, wigs, prosthetics (if needed) and some very clever camera trickery.
Life can be hard, the daily grinds of work, paying bills, dealing with stress can sometimes feel like it drains all the magic out of us so every once in a while its wonderful to step outside the norm and let our fantasies come alive.
As a plus size hottie I always try to recreate characters which don't seem at first to be a great fit. Its great to dress up as curvy sexy heroines but not much of a stretch and to a certain degree expected.Which is why this time around I decided to become Lili from the film legend.
Dark Lili from the 1985 film Legend

I'm sure many of you have seen the 1985 Ridley Scott film staring Tom Cruise and Mia Sara. The tale of a poor peasant boy and a beautiful princess who join forces to save the unicorns from the Lord of Darkness  is one of my all time favourites.I've always loved the scene when Lili kidnapped by the Lord of darkness is transformed into a Gothic priestess (aka Dark Lili) replete with a headdress of thorns and black lipstick.

Here is the original film trailer:

Below is the still from the film which I used to help create my costume. As usual Nicky Rockets was chief prop builder (he helps me realise all my cosplay dreams) and made me a huge stand up collar. I made the rest of my costume with items I brought from ebay, a bellydance skirt combined with a vampire costume and to finish it off the very talented DiabloJos created a headdress for me.
Ready to marry the Lord of Darkness
As you can see the original character is played by a slim teenage girl so I did have  a few moments of wondering how I was going to channel enough of the original to ensure the similarities were there whist taking into account that I'm a fat chick who isn't fifteen.
Posing as dark Lili-shot taken on my phone
I tried out various make up styles, at first staying true to the original which looked awful,it was just too "sisters of mercy" and very harsh. After some adaptation I hit on a make up design which was dramatic but also glamorous. 
I created Lilis peeked fringe by cutting a fake fringe into the shape and clipping it into my hair.Yet again its a hard look to carry off but with the full crown I was happy with the overall effect.
Words can't describe how happy I am with the final image. Nicky Rockets has cleverly combined the darkness of Lili without losing too much of my personality and I couldn't love it more.
The final image-Betty Pamper as "Dark Lili" from the film Legend
Not be left out Lilly Von Pink wanted to be a Mermaid. Her hair is already bright blue so it seemed the perfect fit.
Rather than the cute Disneyfied Mermaids her vision was for a salty temptress luring hapless fishermen to crash against the rocks.
Clever thing that she is, she made a tail from Latex and a pearl encrusted shell bra. Always one for special effects she also added latex scales on her forehead.Diablo Jo made her a lovely shell hair flower which finished the look perfectly
Lilly's Inspiration
Behind the scenes on the photoshoot taken on my phone

The final shot-Lilly Von Pink as a mysterious Mermaid
The finished shot is amazing. Lilly looks both innocent and also quite magical, although the dark waters around her suggest stormy times are acoming!

Pookie-Raes Inspiration

Pookie Rae decided she wanted to be a unicorn princess and Diablo Jo really came up trumps with the amazing headdress she made for this.
A behinds the scenes shot
The finished unicorn shot is so ethereal, Pookie looks like she has wings, part fairy, part unicorn. Totally  otherworldly and beautiful.
The finished shot-Pookie-Rae as a unicorn princess

The shoot was so much fun and has made us even more excited about our event in November. An afternoon of transformation, special effects make up, props, costumes  and individual photoshoots.
If you would like to attend we have a few tickets left details of which can be found here

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