Tuesday, 29 October 2013

SugarSkull Halloween Nails

Happy Halloween From Lilly and Betty

Its nearly Halloween and even if you don't fancy going full tilt with a costume (whats wrong with you) you can always incorporate a little spooky styling into your manicure.
Here Lilly Von Pink the mistress of manicures shows you how.
You will need:
Base and topcoat polish
A base colour nail polish (I’ve used OPI in Alpine snow) choose something bright
An accent nail polish (I’ve used collection 2000 hoola hoop pink)
Black nail polish and a small paint brush (I’ve used a nail art polish which has a paint brush in)
To decorate I’ve used fimo flower canes and crystals but you can use sequins and hand paint them as  flowers, the choice is yours.
Nail glue  
Tooth picks

Step 1: Start with clean manicured nails. Apply base coat and two coats of your base colour.

Add your base colour
Step 2: Use your black to create the skulls jaw and teeth as shown below

Paint on the teeth
Step 3: I used fimo flower canes which I cut slices off then stuck crystals in the middle of the flowers which will be my sugar skulls eyes. Once the glues dried place a blob of glue on the nail where you want your eyes to sit and allow to dry.
Fimo canes make the flowers
Step 4: next using you black polish again draw an upside down heart in the position you want the skulls nose
An upside down heart makes the nose

Step 5: using your accent polish (I used pink) and a tooth pick as a dotting tool add your decoration I just went dot mad.

Get dotting!

Step 6: once dry apply a sealing coat of top coat and your sugar skull is done
Seal the deal
So you can carry on and have 10 different sugar skulls or like me i used it as an accent nail
A sugarskull for my ring finger
Have fun and happy Halloween

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