Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Silver Screen Brows And Lashes

Grooming tips for old school glamour
As a make up artist I never cease to be amazed at the difference well groomed eyebrows and false eyelashes can have when creating a make up look with a nod to the glamour of the silver screen.
A while ago the vintage cosmetic company knowing of my obsession with perfectly groomed brows and vava voom lashes sent me some items from their beautiful range to try and rather than sticking them on my own face I thought I would take the opportunity to do a short brow and eyelash tutorial using the beautiful Lilly Von Pink (my partner in all things make up at the Vintage Pamperbox) as my lovely model.
Brows and lashes ready to be perfected courtesy of the Vintage Cosmetic company
Step One
Keep your hair out of your face with a headband. These ones by the Vintage Cosmetic Company are only a fiver and perfect for ensuring you have a clean face unobstructed by floppy fringes.

Step Two
Brush those brows

Using a brow and lash brush gently comb through your brows so you can see if they need any tidying up before you begin filling them in.

Step Three
Pluck away any stray hairs

Use a pair of sharp tweezers (these slanted ones by the Vintage Cosmetic company are great for precision shaping) and gently pluck any rogue hairs away. Always pluck in the direction that the hair grows in and avoid plucking above the brow line if you can.

Step 4
Using an angled brush gently follow the shape of your brow filling with some brown eye shadow or brow powder. Brows can be made to look slightly more peaked and arched by gently building up the shape. You can always ensure your lines are really crisp by running a baby wipe along the top once you have filled them in.

Step 5

Brows done,time for your lashes. Curling your lashes before you apply false eyelashes or mascara will ensure they are nicely curled and already looking longer.

Step 6

Hold your false eyelashes against your lash line and check if they are the right size or need trimming. If they need cutting down, take the false lash and cut from the outside in. Once this is done apply a thin line of glue and using your slanted tweezers gently place them on the lash line, being sure to press them at the inner and outer corners. 
Nancy lashes-perfect for a vintage inspired movie star look

Here we have used the "Nancy" range by the vintage cosmetic company which are a lovely full lash but aren't too long.
Ta-Dah! Gorgeous brows and luscious lashes. Perfect for a vintage vixen.

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