Monday, 7 October 2013

Marks and Spencer Vintage Dress: Era Lingerie Styling Project

I'm a shapewear addict

A few weeks ago I was asked by Marks and Spencers if I would like to take part in a "Vintage Era Lingerie" project.
 The idea being that I would use items from the M and S Lingerie department to help create a silhouette with a nod to times gone by.
It wont shock you that I immediately decided on the 1950's wiggle silhouette  I am such a lover of clothes and styles influenced by the fifties so it was a total no brainer.
Shapewear is a bit of a Marmite thing within the plus size community with some ladies being totally disinterested in it (and all power to them) and others (myself including) loving the slight body sculpting it can offer.
I wear shapewear all the time but lets make one thing clear, shapewear will not make you look thinner, rather it will create a smoother more defined shape and if like me you carry a lot of weight around your middle it can help give the illusion of a waist.
The two items I chose from the M and S range were the Firm Tummy Control Waist Sculp Wear Your Own Bra Slip  

and the Total Support Embroidered Bra

In the interests of science I am wearing this underwear underneath my most unforgiving wiggle dress by Excite. This dress is a leopard print tube of clinginess, you can almost see my insides.
Here I am sans control underwear wearing a Curvy kate Bra.As you can see I have a classic apple shape. A large round tummy and very large bangers, I also carry a lot of weight on my hips which gives me a "wearing a rubber dingy" effect.
Ready to try my M and S shapewear-Au naturale
And here I am below with the M and S shapewear on. 
As you can see my waist is nipped in, my tummy flatter and my hips slightly smaller.
The line you can see is my knickers and I would probably forgo these with this kind of underwear or wear a smaller ones. The reason I chose this dress is because it shows every lump and bump but in anything else you wouldn't be able to see quite so much detail.
With the waist sculpt slip and total support bra on

Both items of underwear looked really pretty. The bra gives a great perky looking bust which as I had hoped was quite 1950's as it gave this fab bullet shape. With the wide straps I felt very supported and the rose colour was lovely  This is one of Marks and Spencers best sellers and I can see why. 
Bullet Boobs

The slip is really easy to get in and out of  (which isnt always the case with shapewear and I love how smooth it made me look around the hips. 
As I carry so much weight on my stomach I am always a bit wary with slip style shapewear of creating the "sausage in a skin" effect you see so often on celebrity's on shows like Strictly come dancing but it wasn't too bad particularly as it really nipped my waist in.I still think I prefer control knickers to smooth out my particular shape but I am impressed.

After a few hours I found the straps of the slip  did cut in under my arms a bit so  I would probably wear this for special occasions rather than all day so great for a night out, maybe not so good for a long day in the office.
The rear view-Not too bad apart from the upper back fat bulge but hey, my backs fat, what can I tell ya

Without Shapewear

With Shapewear

I love how it smoothed out my lady lumps and the bra definitely gets my thumbs (and my boobies) up. Its very uplifted look will work beautifully with some of my fifties inspired frocks.
Love the pointness of this bra-so retro
Do you wear shapewear or uplift bras? which styles do you feel work best for your particular shape?

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  1. I wear light shapewear (I love the gentle pressure, it feels like I'm being hugged all over!) but do envy the Zeppelin tits effect proper shapewear gives. I must invest in some. With or without the control duds, you look bangin'! x x

    1. Thanks Leah-yes I love the feel of it too. My faves are the elomi control pants-comfortabe enough to wear all day and give you a fab shape x

  2. I hate shape wear, it doesn't shape, it just manoeuvres everything around. Then when you think you've finally found something that does what it says, you can only last around an hr before your body begins to ache with all the pressure its under.

    I envy anyone who can wear shape wear without acquiring extra back boobs, back ache from having to constantly stand bolt upright or those who do not suffer with legs that look like rolled pork from wearing spanx.

    1. ha ha I hear you. Some shapewear can feel like a punishment. the original spanx were a bit like that. My faves are the elomi control pants-comfortabe enough to wear all day and give you a fab shape but why be miserable if you don't like them, dont wear them, with or without shapewear our bodies rock!

  3. Up to now ive not tried any shapewear! Maybe nows the time to try :)


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