Tuesday, 8 October 2013

Fat and fashionable: The era of the plus size hottie

Fat and Fashionable-hell yeah

When you are fat it’s easy to think that certain styles and fashions are not for you.
For years we have been spoon fed the idea that anyone over a size 14 should avoid horizontal stripes like the plague, opt for darker colours in cuts which “camouflage” and flatter (read dull tunics and boot cut trousers with a high stretch content) and generally treat our figure like something to be ashamed of which needs to be covered up.
Celebrate every square inch of your body
This attitude is as outdated as it is dull. Far from being ashamed of our bodies if you are a plus size hottie you should celebrate every juicy square inch of your body and only ever dress it in clothes that make you feel like a million dollars.
Over the years as I have learnt to love my own fabulously fat figure I have discovered the following:

Baggy clothes actually make you look bigger
Ditch the baggy, embrace the fitted
By opting for fitted figure skimming outfits you look more in proportion, curvier and avoid the risk of boy scouts mistaking your kaftan as a tent and trying to roll seeping bags under it. 
Joking aside whilst its fine to wrap up in oversized jumpers or size up in certain clothes to create edgy layered looks, using clothes as a way to try and hide your figure sends out the message that your body is ugly and I'm here to tell you your body is gorgeous.
If baggy styling is your thing, great but if its merely something you do in response to years of being told fat=ugly then swapping a tunic for a semi fitted top is the ultimate act of self devotion and a huge fuck you to all the body shamers.

Whatever your dress size you do have a shape
Dress size-Fabulous
I’m a classic apple; all my weight sits in my middle, a real egg on legs. For years I believed I didn’t have a waist so chose ugly tops and dresses which billowed around my spare tyre making me look rather cube like.
When I started playing around with my proportions I realised by nipping in my waist using a belt or even knotting a cardigan under my boobs I suddenly went from apple to hourglass. It’s so easy to create an illusion with clever dressing. A decent bra, a well fitting frock and suddenly you are banging out some killer curves.

Colour makes you happy
Im a riot of colour
I was the classic fat chick wearing all black for many years. Like so many others I mistakenly thought by draping myself in head to toe funeral chic I was making myself look slimmer. I think we need to face facts, over a size 12 it’s fairly easy to spot a lady who is plus size and wearing dark colours wont hide it. 
The second thing is why should you hide your body? It’s a beautiful wonderful thing and should be celebrated. I now adorn myself like a magnificent plump peacock. Hot pinks. Sapphire blues, bright oranges and everything in between. I’m a riot of colour and this affects my self-confidence in the most positive way. I no longer creep into a room draped in oversized darks, I crash in, proud and glamorous and so should you.

Fashion isn’t an exclusive club-chubby chicks can join too
never be scared of something as harmless as clothes
In the bad old days ladies over a size 14 were extremely limited in regard to what clothes they could buy and  following fashion was almost impossible. 
I remember drooling over the pages of magazines and wishing the wonderful collections came in my size. Thankfully all this has changed and it’s never been easier to be a dedicated follower of fashion. 
From eighties inspired neon to Mad men esque shift dresses whatever tickles your pickle give it a spin. Life’s too short to be scared of something as harmless as clothes so take a chance and try something out of your comfort zone. 
Think bodycons too clingy? Try it! No sure you can pull of a leather mini skirt? Try it! You will be surprised at how much you can rock styles you had previously written off.
Its time for change-grab it with both hands and rediscover your childlike love of clothes. Viva Le Revolution I’m off to buy a bright pink bandage dress.

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