Tuesday, 1 October 2013

Eye, eye: Simple Eye Make Up Corrector Pen

A genius idea by Simple
For all the thousands of make up and skincare products that come out weekly occasionally one arrives which is such a clever idea you wonder why you haven't come across it before.
From teaching make up workshops I know one of the most challenging make up techniques can be applying liquid eyeliners. Achieving perfect french flicks can seem like an impossible task if you have a less than steady hand so the eye make up corrector pen by Simple is pure genius and at under a fiver totally affordable.
Its a basic idea, you apply your eyeliner, if it smudges or is wobbly rather than having to remove half your eye make up as you attempt to correct it you tidy it up with this fine nibbed pen. 
I tried it and have to say I'm really impressed. I'm thinking of getting one of these for my professional make up kit as when a client blinks and smudges her liner it can be a bit of a pain to tidy it up. My fail safe is to use a cotton bud dipped in Vaseline but this would be so much better (and quicker) 
Here I am using it

Step 1-Make a booboo

Step 2 take your correcter pen (holding it like a mustache optional)

Step 3-gently dab at smudge and within seconds its gone

I also filmed a quick demo-be warned I am full of cold and look like holy hell, also its on my iphone so the quality is questionable but hey after that big sell if you still fancy a gander take  a look.

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  1. Oooh awesome idea :) Forhookssake@gmail.com

  2. Wow this would be so useful! joannecoleclough@gmail.com!

  3. Ooh love this and so need it in my life, may be able to wear eyeliner and not look like I've applied it with the dts!

  4. Would have loved this when I was first gettign the hang of liquid liner as the fine nib does look good.
    Now I find waiting for the liner to dry and then using a cotton bud to roll off the smudge works well for me.

  5. While I love the idea, I always wonder if once the pen has been used a couple of times, it would actually be dirty itself and transfer makeup onto the skin rather than clearing up the mess. Bourjois used to do a little makeup remover that you could pop onto the end of their mascara packaging, but the wand in the remover got dirty easily from cleaning mistakes and then applied dirty.

  6. I've seen this pen and wondered about it, but was never brave enough to invest in it and give it a go - just incase it didn't work!

    1. I forgot my email address!!! karenteulon@aol.com

  7. Avid follower & have just plucked up the courage to start following you on IG under the name acrasias :)
    My skin is very very sensitive, so I have to be careful in the way of things like this to what I use, but some of simples products are actually quite good for me. I have seen this but I have to admit I was sceptical, but to see it reviewed is amazing, especially as I have very shaky hands & often mess something up on my eyes! How wonderful to know I won't have to reapply my eye makeup!
    Looking beautiful as always. And may I ask what eyeliner you use? Trying to rebuild my make up bag after being unwell for a few years (& therefor not wearing make up) but am now playing & reintroducing it back into my life. Want to perfect that beautiful upper lid eyeliner flicks again, but there's so many on the market I have no idea where to go! Would love to see a video from you in the future of all the items you use of you haven't done one already!
    Laura xx


  8. The winner of this giveaway is Forhookssake-congratulations x

  9. I'm pretty sure I entered the past two contests but my comments never seem to get published to the page :(

  10. The eyeliner shown above is of very good quality and have very good demand among the users/
    Hope to buy the same very soon.

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