Thursday, 10 October 2013

Curverella Is back: And this time she is killing Zombies!

Earlier this year, bored of only seeing chicks with Barbie like proportions on rock n roll style tee shirts I asked my husband Nicky Rockets to design a new kind of heroine to stretch across my chest.
 I wanted a girl who looked physically strong, with big chunky legs, an ample set of bangers but without the ridiculously tiny waist seen on so many comic book women.
After many attempts and redesigns  (I'm a nightmare client) "Curverella" was born and the "Invasion of the Killer curves" began.
A fiery red head with an eye patch and enough attitude to sink a battleship. Curverella's plump figure far from making her somehow inferior are the very thing that make her so utterly awesome.
The First Killer Curves Tee shirt
The first print run we did of the original design was tiny. Sure I was in love with this voluptuous vixen brandishing a laser gun and carrying a space helmet but would anyone else fall for her soft bellied charms? In a word yes.
 It seems you all adored her as much as I did. Invasion of the Killer Curves tee shirts are being worn around the world and I have lost count of how many times I have received e-mails from women telling me how they wear theirs when they need a little extra confidence boost. Harnessing the "take no shit " attitude of Curverella and flaunting their lady lumps for all to see.
And now for the exciting bit! Having conquered the galaxy and worked her magic in space,the ultimate plus size hottie is back and just in time for Halloween she is killing her some Zombies.

Its Zombie Killing time!
Perfect for Halloween
With a severed zombie head in one hand and a blood stained axe in another the same B movie sensibility runs through this latest design. Curverella is kicking some serious Zombie butt and looking hot as hell in the process.

New design but same choice of round or slash neck
The design might be new but the cut and sizes are exactly the same as the original. Available in both a round neck and a slashed neck (my favourite so flattering to gals with big boobs) and the size range goes from small through to XXXL

Sizes small-XXXL available
Of all the things I've accomplished over the last few years bringing out this range of tee shirts is one of my proudest achievements . 
Seeing pictures of beautiful babes  of all sizes and shapes flaunting their bodies in these tees makes me so happy and they look fab on everyone.Thin, fat, super fit, super squishy Curverella suits chicks the world over.

Fat and feirce
I had so much fun dressing up for this latest photo shoot. Its not everyday you get to don a red wig, denim shorts and a bloodied axe. I'm plus size and proud in my Killer Curves tee shirt-I'm also feeling as powerful as hell. No one messes with a fat chick wielding an axe!
Both the Killer Curves tee shirts are £13 and available to buy at

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