Sunday, 27 October 2013

A Cross To Wear from Simply Be

Mixing it up with a slightly tougher look

My go to style tends to be on the girly side. I love fifties inspired frocks, Jessica Rabbit wiggle dresses and adore pink so much I've even dyed the front of my hair candyfloss.
I do like to mix my style up a bit though and try out edgier looks especially in autumn/winter when the need for big boots and trousers is a bit of a necessity.

This outfit is casual enough for the day but feels quite glam

This outfit by Simply be is practical enough that its great for chucking on to dash around in but with the gold cross design and shiny leggings feels quite glam too.

The dipped hem jersey tunic top is a total departure for me, I usually avoid anything with the word "tunic" in like the plague but the dipped hem (which is very long, I kept forgetting I had it and wondering what was tickling the back of my legs) and really fab gold cross design lifts it up from the realms of the classic fat chick cover up into something much cooler indeed. 
The dipped hem and gold cross design lift this tunic style top into something quite cool
I will chuck on a jacket-I realise its October

It being October I will throw on a long cardigan or jacket with this before I go out but I wanted to show you the shape and my big arms-love me, love my bingo wings.
These leggings are shiny on the front, matte on the back

You're the one that I want-ooh, ooh, ooh

The Grazia Matt Wet look leggings I've worn it with are just brilliant  My husband calls them my "Olivia Newton John pants" and they are not dissimilar to the trousers worn by sandy when she asks Danny to "tell me about it stud" and I love them.
Red Glitter and Rock n roll

The perfect necklace for this outfit

They are jeggings so soft as leggings but with the durability of a jean-fast becoming my favorite kind of leg wear.
Jeggings-fast becoming my fave trousers

Love me, love my arm fat

I've teamed them with  ankle boots and my Balenciaga motorcycle bag from back in the day when I used to buy designer arm candy.
With the rather flash top design I've kept accessories to a minimum  A rock n roll necklace by Rachels Wonders and a pink cuff by Belindas prettys.
Its edgy, pretty, feminine but tough-like all the best Women!

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