Sunday, 1 September 2013

Tartan Tart

Checking out the check
I am absolutely loving the fact that lots of the A/W fashion collections are using tartan. I’m not sure what it is about the checked stuff that I love so much but I’ve always had a penchant for it. Maybe it’s a throwback to the wombles, punk rock or the fact that my husband was a huge Bay City rollers fan (he will love me for making that public) but it really rings my clothing bell.

Tartan rings my bell

So when this pinafore by Simply be arrived a few days ago I was a very happy lady indeed.Its part of their "grunge" inspired range which I am loving. 
It’s a fab shape; straight enough to look like a pinafore but without loads of excess fabric so avoids making me look like a cube.
I really like the shape of this its semi fitted so doesn't make me look too much like an egg on legs
Its got a cute zip pocket detail which sit on the hips (slight punk rock touch-nice) and despite being a round high neck which can make me look like a shelf of boob the general tartaness (is that a word? It is now) seems to combat this.
Cute Zip detail
I've teamed it with a black cardigan and leggings and my new Chelsea boots by fashion word.
I'm getting so much wear out of these boots by fashionworld

My Lulu Guinness poodle bag is the perfect cheeky accessory. I've had it for years and brought it with my first grown up paycheck, travelling to Harrods in London to get it, its a least 15 years old. My "Killer Curves" necklace is by Bete Noire
My poodle bag finishes off this outfit perfectly

I’ve worn my hair in a beehive/bun combo with a quiff and a leopard print hair scarf (well I am trying to be slightly punk rock) and slapped on the eyeliner.
This is absolutely perfect for taking me into autumn. I think I’m going to get some ribbed tights and a satchel and maybe even try it with a shirt underneath.

I was actually singing "Shangalang" when these pictures were taken. My husband has never been so aroused!

bay City babe

I’m a plump punk princess, loving my shape, adoring fashion and cocking a snook at anyone who says fat chicks can't be cool.

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  1. That outfit is both cute and edgy. Love it! X

  2. That is an awesome outfit! You really do find some great stuff! I love it paired with the leopard print hair tie!

  3. fab outfit! tartan is the best, I'm rather desperate for a full tartan skirt! x

  4. Love the Bay City Rollers, then and now, I used to name my fluffy toys after them lol.

  5. Well, being from Scotland what else can I say except , 'Och Aye lassie' lol But the length again darling, looks a bit short. How big is the hem for a let down?

  6. I tried this on in store the other day and was amazed how flattering the fit is !
    When i get the money I'm definitely going to purchase :)
    You look lovely in it :)
    I love those boots as well !
    Launa xx

  7. I'm so with you on this one. I'm loving all the tartan this season - it really makes the punk in me very happy indeed. I got a dark blue tartan skater dress from Asda and oh! Your red one is a cracker too... very tempting.

  8. Tarteness is THE word of the week - love it!

    You look fab :)

  9. I adore tartan! And yet sadly I don't own any at the moment, this must change!
    Those boots are awesome too! I love them!

  10. I adore tartan! And yet sadly I don't own any at the moment, this must change!
    Those boots are awesome too! I love them!

  11. You look great in that Betty, as usual. I myself recently bought a fifties style red Tartan frock from British Retro, a fairly new company. I really recommend it. The fabric and cut are good quality and the price was good too, £40. Here is the link if anyone wants to check their stuff out before they hike up the prices like all retro dress shops :

  12. ooh sorry, try again www.british


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