Monday, 16 September 2013

Are You Size wise?

A few months ago plus size clothes brand Marisota launched a campaign called "Are you sizewise?
The idea is that many of us tend to think we are a different shape and size to what we actually are and this can actually lead us to buy clothes in styles, which aren't a particularly good fit.

As part of this they have created an online tool which in their words will “help tackle the common misconceptions us women have about our size and how we more often than not, pick out our flaws rather than see the positives”
I actually think this is a really interesting concept and despite feeling quite confident that I know my body shape and what suits me (I edit enough blinking pictures for my blog) was keen to have a go.
Choose which body shape most looks like yours

It’s so easy to do, you just click onto the shape finder, pick out the body shape from the examples offered that you think is most like your own and put in your vital stats.
Add your vital stats and it tells you which body shape you are most like (this result isn't mine obviously)

I may have skewered my results with shape wear-whoops!

The shape finder then tells you what body shape you actually have and whether you are bigger or smaller than the picture you clicked on. I clicked on the largest, most apple shaped lady on the sliding rule but apparently I’m a tad smaller than that. It made me realise that because I never shy away from expressing the fact that yes I’m fat, and yes that is fine even I can have a slightly distorted idea of what I look like.
I don't think I am an hourglass-more a juicy apple really

the shapes and cuts recommended were brilliant though

 In terms of shape it suggested I was an hourglass, which I’m not sure I agree with as I only have a small waist when I wear shape wear and am otherwise an apple I think that as I measured my waist whilst wearing spanx this slightly threw off the result but even so the shapes and styles they said would suit me were I think absolutely perfect. V-necks, flared skirts and nipped in waists, all of which form a large part of my wardrobe and I believe are most flattering on me.
This beautiful butterfly dress definitely plays to my figures best bits

Loving the slightly 1940's flavour of this outfit

Following the advice I selected this butterfly print tea dress I was looking for something to wear for a weekend away at Centre parcs with my family and really liked the slightly 1940s vibe the V-neck and capped sleeve gives it.
It was very true to size and a really good fit.
How great is this dress for Autumn
Happy that the sleeves hit just above the elbow
 It’s quite a long length so perfect for taking me into autumn. I've worn it with tights, Chelsea boot from fashion world and feel very girly indeed in a slight orphan Annie style.

These boots have had so much wear already
Do you know your shape ?

Do you tend to always assume you are bigger than you  are or do you feel you know your size and shape really well? Will you be trying out this app? Let me know how you get on.  

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