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5 Big Fats Myths: The Second Coming

A few months ago I wrote a blog post and filmed a vlog about my 5 most hated myths about fat people.The predudice that follws the plus size  wherever they may be.
It was really well received and I loved how you left your own most hated generalisations about fatty’s in the comments section both on my blog and on youtube.
Hold the phone-More Big fat Myths Coming Your Way

As promised here is  a follow up blog and vlog.

More Myths About Fat People that I would like to smash

Myth #1-You would look so much “better” if you were thinner
I lost 10lbs and now I look like Kim Kardashian

There can't be a fat chick alive who hasn’t at one point in their life been told how much better they would look if they lost some weight. 
This is often accompanied with that classic backhanded fatty compliment “you have such a pretty face” 
You can stick your back handed compliments

Here is the thing. Loosing weight is not going to magically turn you into a supermodel. Weight loss does not come with a Wurzel Gummidge type magical ability to change your head. You will not suddenly see Angelina Jolie looking out at you if you loose a chunk. You will look pretty much the same, just with a thinner body. This assumption that you would look so much better if you were thin plays into the notion that to be overweight means you can never credibly be considered attractive or beautiful. There always has to be the caveat that you would be so much more improved if you were slimmer. This is an absolute load of tosh. You would look like you but slimmer. End of.

Myth #2-Fat people are lazy
What a lazy fat bitch

This is possibly one of the most prevalent myths about fat people. Fuelled in no small part by documentaries showing very sad cases of people who have become so morbidly obese they cant leave the house and need a team of firemen to take them to the co-op. For the majority of plus size hotties we work, exercise, socialise, decorate, garden all bizarrely unencumbered by our massive girth. I am a fatty and run two businesses, am a mum, go for big long walks every night and rarely sit still. I’m far from unique, some of the most dynamic people I know waved goodbye to a size 14 dress size decades ago.

Myth #3-Fat People Smell
Janet wasn't sure what was most shocking. the pungent odour coming from the man or the fact that he wasn't fat

This one makes me laugh. Over the years I have had the misfortune to be stuck in lifts, work with, or just be around some very smelly individuals indeed. They came in all shapes and sizes, the only thing they shared was an aversion to soap and water. 
Fat people do not sweat more or have less ability to shower and use deodorant than our slim contemporaries. This is just another example of fat people being painted as repulsive and outside the norms of society. Fatness is still viewed by many as a stigma, a sign of someone who is unkempt and uncaring about their appearance That’s a load of fooey-we are as smelly/unsmelly as anyone else.

Myth #4-Fat people are “eating their way out of unhappiness”
Boo hoo-I'm such a cliche I'm sad so am going to gorge myself on ice cream
We can all be guilty of being too new agey at times (Gawd knows I can) and it always amuses me when I hear people talk about fatty’s  being obviously  unhappy as why else would you be overweight? 
Newsflash-fat chicks can be happy

Well for starters people become overweight for millions of reasons, women have kids and fail to shift the baby weight, some people always have a tendency to be chunky, others are happily greedy (hands up) and yes for some they comfort eat in times of misery. To equate being over a certain size with being unhappy is as daft as thinking all fat people are jolly. Fat is a democracy, we are all different and all became the sizes we are for different reasons and in different circumstances. This idea also reinforces the notion that no one who is fat can be truly happy. Newsflash yes we can.

Myth #5-Fat people are unhealthy
Fit as a plump flea
This generalisation really grinds my gears. I’ve had years of doctors looking shocked when they take my blood pressure and its normal, when they flick through my notes and see that no actually I have not got type 2 diabetes and have never been ill a day in my life aside from the odd sinus infection (my only reason for ever visiting said GPs) I also had an entirely problem free pregnancy despite being told over and over how I was a “high risk mother’ (being a huge size 16 at the time) and even a few years ago had to contend with a rather pompous unhealthy looking nurse lecturing me on nutrition and handing me leaflets about eating my 5 a day (this to a life long vegetarian who eats about ten portions of fruit and veg a day)
I'm a walking miracle-a plus size chick without an medical problems-praise the lord

Sure some fat people are unhealthy, so are some thin people. Sure a sedentary lifestyle eating junk food might shorten you life and make you ill. Good job I do neither of these things then. You wouldn’t assume that every slim person was an athlete or even did any exercise at all so why assume that all fat people are lazy slugs whose only exertion is reaching for the TV remote.
So there you have it. These were the second set of myths I wanted to bust. 

Which misconceptions about being overweight drive you insane?
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