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5 Big Fat Reasons You Should Vote For Me In The Plus Size Blogger Awards

Nestled at the bottom of each of my blog posts for the last few months has been a plea for you guys to vote for me in the Plus Size blogger awards 
All the nominees for this award are  absolutely awesome so I am very much least likely to win but god loves a trier and if you are unsure if you can 
a) be bothered to vote 
b) are unsure who to vote for 
Here are 5 big fat reasons I think my blog should waltz off with the silverware on November the 23rd.

Reason#1-I Never Play Safe With Fat Fashion

Not a black tunic in sight

In my world no one puts fatty in the corner.Week in, week out I try to show (with a selection of photos of me prancing around in my garden) how being plus size should never be seen as an obstacle to enjoying clothes and fashion in all its frivolity and wonder. 

Figure hugging, colourful, playful fashion-its the only way for me

I'm never afraid to try new looks, and laugh in the face  of plus size "fashion rules"

I laugh in the face of plus size fashion "rules"

From punk princess,glamorous geek or vintage inspired siren my style is ever changing and ever challenging. By pushing the fat fashion barriers I like to think I embolden and empower all the readers of my blog to do the same.

Reason #2-I Do Great Chubby Cosplay

When I was growing up obsessed with Star wars, comics and all thing geeky the idea of a fat super hero was just totally unacceptable  I remember watching Russ Abbot on a Saturday night and how everyone laughed at "Blunder woman" a fat superhero who sang songs about her girdle snapping.
This may seem like a small thing but I think overall people still think only certain body types can credibly look "Superhuman" or "Other worldly"
A fat super hero-how..hilarious

Re-Imagining classic comic and fantasy characters into fat forms which still kick total ass is a real pet project of mine. I am forever trying out crazy make up and costumes ideas, nothing is too unusual and my size will never put me off trying out a character.Here are just some of the my creations.

Batgirl, Poison Ivy and Wonder woman-fat and awesome

The world of dressing up as comic book or fantasy/horror characters can sometimes look like its only open to slim babes with perky boobs and tiny waists. I refuse to let my apple shaped figure be treated with anything less than the respect it deserves and if that means donning a red corset and gold knee boots-so be it. 
The next time someone googles "Wonder woman" costume or "Batgirl" I want my fat little face staring out at them.
I have a little girl growing up in a world where she is still bombarded with the idea that to be "thin" and "beautiful" is on a par with winning a lottery ticket and gazumps everything else including brains, compassion and personality. I'm determined to change this, one costume at a time.

Reason #3 I Brought You A Tee Shirt Design With Killer Curves

Bored of only seeing chicks with Barbie Doll proportions on Rock n Roll inspired  tee-shirts I asked my husband Nicky Rockets to design a teeshirt featuring a plus size hottie shaking what her mama gave her. 

The end result based of a photo of me was the Killer Curves teeshirt which is now worn around the world. When it comes to being a plus size hottie-I quite literally brought the tee shirt.
Women of all shapes and sizes should be featured as strong, empowered sex bombs and if the world of retail is too slow on the uptake I shall just make it my job to hurry them along.

Reason #4 I Give Good Make Up

Lashes so long they also sweep my path of  a morning

from applying false eyelashes, face contouring (be gone double chin) to eliminating of dark shadows, my beauty tutorials always aim to demystify the world of beauty and show you that with a little know how and practise its so easy to look fanfuckingtastic. 

Gluing on my face-standard

Vavavoom glamour shouldn't be a secret club, I'm an ordinary freckly middle aged lady who daily transforms herself into a cross between RuPaul and Joan Collins-you might not share my "plastered on" tastes but you can certainly enhance your natural beauty with a few of my sneaky tricks.

Sharing is caring and make up makes me happy
Sisterhood takes on many forms and lifting the veil on things like "how to apply liquid eyeliner" is up there with holding your mates hair back while she pukes. Its just good gal pal karma.

Reason #4 I call people/papers/social media out on their shit

Hey body shamers-I will kick your ass 

My blog isn't just beautiful clothes, big bangers and long eyelashes (although those are among three of my favourite things) I also enjoy raising my backcombed head above the parapet to address body shaming, sexism and bullying.
 In the last year alone I've written blogs on myths about fattys (and filmed vlogs around the same subject) spoken about how overweight women are treated as brides, lifted the lid on being plus size and pregnant as well as some ranty rights of reply when Ive seen the likes of Caire Richards being body shamed by the Daily Mail.

My Big fat Thoughts Page is an antidote to an endless stream of fat bashing perpetuated by the media.The Internet can be a harsh place to be when you are a curvaceous lovely, I like to think Pamper and Curves is a safe haven where truth, honesty and beauty will always prevail and big boobied cuddles are never more than a keyboard tap away. 

Reason #5 I've Bounced Back From Blogger Adversity

The name is Pamper-Betty pamper
Earlier this year I was forced to change my pen name from Betty "Bee" to Betty "Pamper" as someone else had copyrighted Betty Bee.
This meant that as well as having to rebrand my business I also had to change my blogs name and URL. Cue a huge drop in followers who couldn't find me any more and cue lots of crying on my part after spending 4 years building up a blog only to have it razed to the ground. 
I won't be defeated
However in true "can do" spirit I picked myself up, used the name change as an opportunity to refocus the blog so it was sharper  sassier and just more plumpalicous and now my blogger page views and visits  are as healthy as they have ever been. Proof that out of disaster can come coolness.
If after all this I can win Plus size blogger of the year it would be so sweet and proof that sometimes the good gals really do win.
The voting for this award closes in a few days so it really is all to play for.
 If I've made a good enough case and you like the cut of my jib click here to vote.

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