Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Liberace Bunny Ears And Panda Pop Jumpers OOTD

Panda Pop!
Its that’s weird time of year when the weather isn't quite sure what its doing.
I’m switching between sticking the heating on some mornings and then by the afternoon having to open all the windows and take off my layers because the sun has arrived with a vengeance.

Navigating the tricky transition from summer to autumn

Late August, early September is always a bitch to dress for especially as I always get over excited and start wanting to wear coats and scarves at the first sign of cloud and then end up a sweaty mess.
I've just decided to take this all in my stride and  and what better way than with this jumper by George at Asda.

Barbra Streisand cat getting onto shot-bet Tess Munster doesn't have to work in these sort of conditions
Supermarket clothes aren't always that exciting but you do occasionally stumble on some gems and this is one of them.
I like accessories that don't take themselves too seriously
I love clothes and accessories that don’t take themselves too seriously and there is no doubt my panda top is a bit silly.I think sometimes us plus size hotties can be slightly wary of wearing clothes that are daft or humorous.
 So often we have suffered ridicule at the hands of idiots in the past so the thought of putting our chubby head above the fashion parapet can be daunting.I know pouring my size 20 booty into a bright white jumper with a large panda on the front may raise a few eyebrows but quite honestly I have stopped given a toss. Its liberating. Come on lets stop giving a toss together!
George at Adsa-Fluffy Panda jumpers that just have  to be thrown in the trolley along with the groceries

At £16 it’s a lovely inexpensive addition to my wardrobe and really cosy.
In an effort to avoid looking too much like a children’s TV presenter I've thrown my cutesy jumper over a lace dress by Pearl Lowe, (from her much beloved Peacocks range, long since gone sob!) a pair of leggings from primark (standard) and my vegetarian doctor martin style boots (a steal at £20 form ebay) as it’s a bit nippy I've also worn some cream leg warmers. I’m hoping this makes the outfit slightly edgier.
Leg warmers and dockers to give the cute some edge
I've teamed this with my new “Liberace” bunny ears. As soon as I saw these by Crown and glory I had to have them. Few things make this girl happier than a pair of glittery ears-I’m not sure why this is so but in my life it’s just a fact.
I've quiffed my hair at the front and as per usual am wearing bright pink lipstick by Lime crime.
Crystal encrusted bunny ears-Hell yeah!
Too much for a walk around West Kirby? I think not
It’s the last week of my daughters summer holidays and we are planning lots of fun day trips so I’m thinking this outfit will work beautifully for dashing about in.
Perfect for day trips.
I'm a plump panda with sparkly ears. Proving that plus size fashion never has to be boring.

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