Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Fat, Thin, the only thing that's ugly is hate

Over the last few weeks I’ve started to see yet another wave of body snarking “funny” memes hitting my social media streams.
It seems it is fair game to mock overweight people, skinny people, anyone basically deemed to not fit into what is considered attractive.
So I just thought I would bang my drum to reiterate what a load of tosh it all is.
The"thin" girl
This is my best friend Lilly. She is a slinky size 8. She is not a "bag of bones" she does not starve herself. She has curves and is all woman. Her slim body has produced two beautiful children and gives her energy to run two businesses. She is beautiful, so much so that she is often asked to model. She is totally without vanity and will often arrive at my house with no make up on, hair in a ponytail and ugg boots.
She hates vegetables, never eats salad and can eat a whole tub of Ben and Jerry's in 0-5 seconds.

Slim and sensational

The "fat" girl
This is me. I am a size 18. I am not bulimic, I do not have type 2 diabetes or high blood pressure.I enjoy exercise, am a vegetarian and absolutely hate fast food.My "fat" body has produced a beautiful child. I had a totally problem free pregnancy. I run two businesses, am never unwell and rarely sit still. If I could change one thing about myself it would be my hair. Its too thin. I realise the irony in this and it makes me laugh.

Fat and fabulous

I'm not sure quite what point I'm trying to make other than, don't buy into the hate. Thin girls are beautiful, fat girls are gorgeous. Never make assumptions on people based on their body shape or size and never share something on your facebook page or twitter feed which is actually hate masquerading as funny.

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  1. Well said. Body snark - any body snark - is harmful. It's so prevalent I think it's important to catch ourselves or other people and say 'No, don't go there!' All bodies are good bodies. x x

  2. A great post, I am also noticing comments towards people who are on the smaller side.... why can't people just accept people for who they are.

  3. My friends come in all shapes and sizes ranging from a beautiful size 6 to a voluptuous size 22, i love each and every one of them for the beautiful, strong and fiesty women that they are. Having had 'the fat card' used against me on more occasions than i care to recall, i can honestly say that this body hating bull has to stop for the sake of our future strong and fiesty women! We need positive examples to fill their brains and not the tosh the lazy media whores put out their for the sake of some distorted image of what they believe is defined as 'beautiful'.

  4. I love this blog, and your Myth busting video is definitely accurate! You have an amazing sense of style, definitely a role model for me!


  5. I am liking and posting this post everywhere! You speak so much sense. You are truly amazing!


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