Tuesday, 6 August 2013

Day Of The Dead Chic In Gran Canaria

Striking a pose in the hotel  foyer-yes really. Fatshion bloggers have no shame
When planning my holiday wardrobe I decided I needed something lightweight which would roll up small in my suitcase and work well both in the day for casual lunches and in the evening for something slightly more dressy.
This skull boarder skater dress by Asos curve ticked all the boxes and I've worn it loads while I've been away.
Velma  Sunglasses by Bow and crossbones-I'm doing another blog post on these soon-They rock

I completely love the skull design along the hem and the piping in the same fabric at the neck.Its understated but also slightly quirky and I'm a sucker for anything that has a Mexican day of the dead feel about it.
Chic and cool-perfect for my holiday
The bat wing sleeves make it look like a proper frock rather than just a tunic and the elasticised waist means it’s incredibly comfortable and nips you in a little at the waist without being too constricting.Very important if you like to abuse the all inclusive desert tray.
The hotel had a rather odd ice themed bar-very er apt in boiling hot Gran Canaria-Here I am with an iceberg and a plant growing out of my head. Im humming the theme to Titanic

hanging out at the casino-if you look in the mirror you can see Nicky Rockets and baba (looking away in boredom)
As I’m on holiday I’ve tried my best to get a few shots of me wearing this. These were all taken on my phone much to the bemusement of the other guests at the hotel-what have they never seen a fat chick voguing in a hotel foyer?
Looking towards the bar and my next Pina Colardo

At £32 this is a medium priced item but I've had so much wear out of it, its been worth every penny. 
Pink lipstick (Limecrime of course) and a pink flower-holiday fashion for the plus size hottie

I love Asos Curve they always seem to produce really unusual edgy clothes for glamorous fatties and this dress is no exception.
Dressing beautifully when the sun is shining is easy peasy whatever your size or shape.Well cut clothes, lightweight fabrics and plenty of sass is all you need.
For more outfit posts check out my curvy girl style page-fit to bursting with pictures of me prancing around shaking what my mama gave m

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