Monday, 19 August 2013

Being A Glamorous Fatty

I'm a glamorous fatty
Last week the beautiful Dita Von Tease acted as agony aunt for XOJane
One reader asked how she dealt with the unwanted attention dressing glamorously everyday attracted and her response was absolute genius
“Nothing great comes without risk, and only the very mediocre are safe from being poked fun at”

Dita-the queen of glam

This totally sang to me. I have always been obsessed with glamour. From being a little girl I have pored over images of Elizabeth Taylor, Ava Gardner, Marlena Dietrich and Louise Brooks.
I've always been obsessed with old school glamour
The Californian sun kissed natural beauty of stars like Jennifer Aniston has never appealed, I can appreciate it sure but I’ve never hankered to look anything except uber glam.
It’s always been this way. Even whilst watching grease at the tender age of 7 I wanted to be Rizzo with her pixie cut and pencil skirt. Sandy with her jaunty pony tail and rose bud lips could never compete.
I always loved Rizzo-hell I still do
I guess what I’m attracted to is the idea of always looking special. Whether it’s for a trip to the supermarket or a night out I’ve never been drawn to casual clothes and even when I’m in an oversize sweater and leggings I will have false eyelashes on and big hair.
This is my idea of casual
When I moved to Liverpool for university I realised I had found my spiritual home, Often mocked in the media you will struggle to find women more glamorous than your average Liverbird. These girls favour big hair, oversized handbags and perfect manicures at all times and I love it. Even the trend of going shopping in their rollers (something that I would rather die than do) is to ensure they have huge hair in the evening-that’s commitment and I admire it.
Liverpool is definitely my spiritual home-a place where glitter smoke eyeshadow at lunchtime is quite acceptable
I know that the rather full on artificial look I favour isn’t for everyone and whilst this is the look I prefer I can appreciate beauty in all forms. 
Some women look fabulous with just a slick of lip balm and soft product free hair. I’m not one of them and even if I were I would miss the process of creating the glamour. I love applying make up, trying out new looks, planning outfits. As a creative person it gives me huge satisfaction and makes me feel wonderful.
I love expressing my creativity through clothes and make up
As a fat chick embracing my inner glamour goddess has helped me carve out an identity which I'm very comfortable with.One which refuses to conform to the idea that to be overweight is ugly, unattractive and certainly not glamorous. When I apply my false eyelashes and slick on my bubblegum pink lipstick its not only an act of devotion to myself but a huge "fuck you" to anyone who dare suggest that I am somehow less because of my size.
The natural look just isn't me and anyway I would miss the process-applying make up is like self devotion for me
What’s interesting are the occasional judgements that get thrown your way. Women (and sadly it is always women) sometimes seem to find my appearance almost as a criticism to there’s. I’ve been informed on more than one occasion unprompted that I must have “loads of time on my hands” as who else could be bothered to be fully made up before breakfast. This always makes me smile, its in much the same vein as people who tell me they could also have written a book if they “had the time” As if writers are time lords who can somehow create extra hours rather then the reality which is that we get up earlier/work later and forgoe things like watching lots of telly.
No I don't have more time than anyone else-its all about priorities and for me looking glam is one
Looking glamorous is the same. I’ve been doing this for so long that full hair and make up takes me exactly 35 minutes. I’m also a professional make up artist so of course my thrown on make up looks slick, you wouldn’t have you hair cut by someone with a wonky fringe would you?
As a make up artist I want to look good-you wouldn't get your hair cut by someone with a wonky fringe would you
 It’s also to do with priorities. I will happily forge stacking the dishwasher and making the beds until later in the day. I’m house proud sure but looking good is more important to me than winning housewife of the year and when I have my “face” on I feel ready for anything. I hesitate to call it my armor; rather it’s my plumage. I’m like a plump vibrant peacock, shaking my tail feathers and loving every moment.
I'm like a plump peacock
What does glamour mean to you? Are you someone who can’t answer the door without a full face of make up on or are you happy to go Au natural?

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  1. I am a bit of both now. I used to never ever answer the door without a full face of make up but I have chilled with age (plus having a baby meant I had a lot less time, my daughter is a Diva) I have freckles so the full made up can look odd on me ( I look so funny in some of my old photos) I do love my lip gloss and blusher/bronzer though xxx

  2. I've gone full circle in a way. As a teenager i was never really interested in make-up, handbags. heels or really resembling anything which appeared 'feminine'. I was very much the happy, loud, opininated, always cracking jokes sort of teenager who preferred to dress in a way that was individual and as far from the girly girls as i could get. I didn't have a problem with my friends being girly, it just wasn't for me. I lived in a small village during my teen years and soon realised that everyone looked 'the same', so i wore gothic style clothing and the style of boho/hippie..mirrors/bells/beads. Now i'm more *cough* mature, i at the very least sweep some lip gloss on and make my hair look nice and trying very hard to be more confident and feminine. Largely with thanks to meeting other plus sized, beautiful and confident women through social media, such as yourself, i am finding that inner confidence, to put on a brightly coloured dress and be proud of what i've got and who i am :) xx

  3. I love glamour, but I find that, unfortunately, I am too lazy to do make up every day. Even my resolution to apply BB cream every day failed after something like a week. I prioritise sleeping over make up, even if it's only a minute. Maybe it's a student thing, maybe I'll grow out of it (I'd like to, I'll try to start from October, when the pressure of being in Japan, surrounded by Japanese girls and women who always put so much care into their hair and make up will make me feel more aware of myself, will hopefully get me into a habit). But whatever special occasion it is, even the tiniest one, I will not resist to bringing on full glam mode. And when I do that could not care less as to what do people think. To paraphrase my Mum, as good as it is to get compliments from strangers, at the end of the day their opinion doesn't matter, it's only the opinion of people you care about that should be important to you - and if they are important to you, then surely they know and love you enough, to know that without certain things you just wouldn't be... well, you. :)

  4. I love this post! I like to do a full face of make up even if I'm only going as far as the post box, but at the very least I have to have my eyebrows on. If I'm going for a night out, I love the build up of getting ready for a couple of hours first.

    I've actually been wearing less make up than usual recently, I'm not sure why. I know I like the look of myself more with make up on, and my hubby appreciates the effort too. x x

  5. goodness! yes please to glam! I do adore the natural sun kissed beauties, and heck, the oozing simple chic of the Grace Kelly type, but what suits me is definately hair done and a littled frocked up - Grease impacted me a lot too! my Sindy had a 50's gingham blue frock, and now I have a gingham red frock! when I go out and about I am dressed, my kids don't mind a bit - I love this post! x

  6. I love doing glam, but I rarely do it. I find it more special for me to do all glam when I'm going somewhere special :)

    I wear a bit of a makeup if I'm going into town, never wear it at work (I work nights so there is no point at all, everyone is asleep!).

    My hair I ALWAYS like to have looking good though, that seems to be more my plumage!

  7. Love Glam! As a teenager I was always dressed up to the nines with full make up. As I got older and settled down the weight piled on and I lost confidence, I became a no make up, hoodie wearing flat shod nothing really. Then I hit 30 and well, you have to have a birthday frock don't you. A day of shopping later, my poor husband, he was brilliant and I ended up with a fantastic black satin wiggle dress, very elegant, very classic. I got some heels, red lippy and taught myself a 50s hair do and have not looked back since. I still wear flats, but they are bright red with a big bow and if on the odd occasion I sleep in late and don't go to work with the full face on I get accused of being 'tired'! I love who I am now, turns out I'm the same person I always was!

  8. I used to never step outside the house without a face full of make up, but that changed over the last few years. I've been battling depression, and im the early days it sometimes took every ounce of energy just to get in the shower every morning. I found though that if I did nothing else but pop on a bit of lip salve I could trick myself into feeling more confident, as if I was wearing makeup.

    I think we've lost a sense of style in the UK over the last 10 / 20 years. We have plenty of fast fashion, but that's not always style.
    I love how glamorous you look, and wish more people did the same. it would make people watching more interesting on my weekend treat at the local coffee bar :)

  9. I am quite comfortable without makeup but I really enjoy getting glammed up, especially when people compliment me on my transformation. I guess I am one for keeping things for special occasions, that is more because I am lazy than anything else haha!!

    You always look beautiful Betty I love your glamour it always brightens up my facebook page! <3

  10. Glam! I can't do au naturel. I'm just not made that way. I'm sure it was Mae West who said "its better to be looked over than over looked". I'm always in red lippy. I have yet to wear it at 8.30am for the school run, but the rest of my make up is done, and a bit of lip tint. I hate that though. Yet when people compliment me on how I look I always blush and am slightly taken back, I see myself as "just me". I don't feel as done up as people clearly view me.

  11. Just found your blog recently. You are fabulous and of course, you know it. XX

  12. I don't know who these critical women are with their snarky opinions. My mother taught me not to say things that weren't nice. I rarely wear makeup but always get compliments when I do. You are perfectly beautiful and I love seeing women all glammed up.

    Your blog is on my blogroll because your beauty is obviously skin deep.

    xxxooo e

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. While I love to be glammed up, I feel I need a reason. I'm not one to wear a full face of make-up if I'm not going out of the house and I do enjoy sinking into some joggers and a jumper and chilling looking manky! lol!


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