Wednesday, 21 August 2013

99p Eyelashes: Yes I went there

99p and not half bad!

My addiction to false lashes has been well documented on this blog and I’m always on the look out for good value falsies.
This week’s top buy was from the 99p store. I haven’t ever really got on with lashes from poundland and other value shops (except home and bargains star lashes which rock)
Too often they are just horribly rigid along the lash spine so ping off at the corners (always the sign of a bad false lash)
I brought these "Touch of class" glam lashes because they are half lashes and they actually looked quite decent in the box. 

Half lashes-perfect for adding some extra length to your lashes without looking too OTT
I like the idea of just adding a half strip and have them by other brands. Half strip lashes work particularly well with french flick eyeliner and are great for when you want some lash length and volume but don’t want to be sweeping the path when you blink.
More low key than my usual false lashes but very nice
As usual I didn’t use the glue that came with these, instead I used Duo and I was surprised at how good they were.
These lashes are slightly more low key than the usual ones I favour but they were very comfortable and didn’t ping off. 
They are a little bit shiny so dab along the lash line with your eyeliner

They did have a little bit of shine where I applied them to the lash line (which you often get with inexpensive lashes) so I just coloured this over with my eyeliner but overall I was quite impressed with these. 
Quite impressed with these
Value lashes only represent a bargain if they can actually be worn and these definitely can be.You wont get more than one wear out of them as you would a decent set by Ardell or the Vintage Cosmetic company but for a cheep addition to your make up kit they are hard to beat.
A great addition to your make up kit
Next time you are having a mooch in the 99 store (admit it we all do it) chuck a few pairs in your basket.
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