Monday, 1 July 2013

Why Fat And Forty Is Quite A Fabulous Place To Be

People say I look good for over forty. I have news for you, this is what over forty looks like nowadays

Who knows who originally coined the phrase "fat and forty" but to my younger self who was still juggling eating disorders in order to try and combat the "fat" part of the equation it wasn't a prospect I looked forward to at all.
Its fair to say that during my twenties and the early part of my thirties I dreaded hitting the big four oh convinced it would signal the following:

1) I would look old and no longer be able to wear cool clothes.

2) I would no longer be interested in contemporary culture and if I was this would be slightly sad of me

3) My career if not already set in stone and well established would elude me forever (because no one can start again at such a ripe old age)

Quite where I had picked up these preconceptions I don't know (oh hang on a minute probably every magazine and film I had ever watched) but as I hurtled towards what I had long thought would be old gitsville I was startled to discover the following:

1)I looked better.Being fat has meant I have barely a wrinkle and experience with hair and make up means I'm a dab hand in ensuring I feel awesome at all times.Also (and this is the important bit) I know that how I look isn't the most important thing about me, and this hard won piece of knowledge has been incredibly liberating.
My face never got the memo about getting wrinkles at 40
2) No longer giving two hoots about being "cool' means I glide like a swan between the latest exhibition at the Tate, listening to 6music and getting my indie music fix but also feel quite happy declaring my love for Barbra Streisand and Fleetwood Mac. No one bats an eyelid when I go to gigs, you see that's what I never realised, no one cares or is interested how old you are. Its all in our heads.
Yes I still go to gigs-no one snigger's or pays me any attention at all-except when I throw this pose
3) Being a slightly late bloomer in the motherhood stakes has meant a total carear change which has been a revelation. I'm more focused, harder working and happier to ask for opportunities than I ever was in my twenties.I don't feel washed up, I feel reborn as a smarter, better dressed version of myself and unlike before I know what's important and what's not.I genuinely pity the young bucks competing for chances on shows like the Apprentice. Imagine not having the confidence to tell Lord Sugar to stick his investment where the sun don't shine.
Just another day at the office
So if you are getting closer to forty or are already there (and beyond) and wondering where your place in the world is, take it from me it just keeps getting better.
If you ever start to feel that forty plus must equate frumpy don't forget these amazing women who certainly don't seem to be missing a beat in the cool creative stakes because of the date on their birth certificate:

Gwen Stefani Singer-Age 45
Pop strumpet, mama bear, designer. Always immaculate, aways edgy in her clothing choices. Forty + looks good on you holla back girl.
Gorgeous Gwen

Helena Bonham Carter Actress-Age 49
Eccentric, talented, and wears what she wants despite regularly ending up on the Daily mail sidebar of shame. Age doesn't mellow the original English rose, its just given her thorns.

Helena-ignoring the critics, doing it her way

Tracey Emin Artist-Age 51
From enfant terrible with dirty sheets to one of the first female professors appointed at the Royal Academy of art since it was founded in 1768. Emins art literally lights up (she works increasingly in neon) and continues to divide.

Tracey Emin-nothing frumpy here

Pam Hogg-Fashion Designer-Age never disclosed but certainly in her late forties
Never one to allow her creativity to be confined Hogg works across fashion, video and music. her designs have been worn by everyone from Lady Gaga, Kate Moss to Kylie and of course Siouxie Sioux.  

Justine Frischmann-Ex brit pop star turned fine artist-Age 45
Proving that switching careers in your late thirties/early forties can be a road to creativity. Frischmann has swapped jangly Brit pop for abstract art in California.Still cool and forging ahead in a new direction. 

Age ain't nothing but a number baby

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