Wednesday, 24 July 2013

What Katie Hopkins Did Next

Oh Katie-do shut up
This summer it seems Katie Hopkins ex of the apprentice and the Daily Mails darling has pushed Samantha Brick off her toxic pedestal and not a day seems to go by without her spouting something "controversial" and setting twitter and facebook pages alight.
A few weeks ago she was defiantly stating how she wouldn't let her children play with children she deemed to have common names (pity her poor kids, I thought I was embarrassing turning up to the school gates in false eyelashes) and this week she is casting her icy blue eyes on the fatties. 
In the latest issue of Reveal mag  she claims she would never employ an obese person
 "If an obese person came for an interview with me, I would know the moment they walked through the door that they wouldn't get the job. No matter how brilliant, how bright, how good their qualifications or experience, I would not employ them" 
Her reasons for this are breath taking in their ignorance
"They just look lazy. I really don't believe that someone carrying 20 stone or similar could move at the speed and pace needed to complete a hectic day of meetings and commitments"

Yes I'm fat, and yet Ive had a successful career-am I in the minority-not on your nelly
As a fat woman who has not only worked in various management positions in blue chip companies and who now runs her own business my initial reaction to this was to shrug it off, nodding my head in bewilderment that someone was paid to write such tosh but the more I thought about it the more serious I realised this casual discrimination was.
You see not so long ago it was considered acceptable to discriminate against people of colour, people with disabilities struggled to get gainful employment and women doing anything other settling down to have babies were viewed as socially destructive.
Through years of education and legislation, equal opportunities and the idea of Britain being a fair and tolerant nation has taken root and our workplaces are so much the better for it. So this casual reintroduction of bias based entirely on a persons outward appearance isn't just cruel and insensitive its dangerous.
Churchill would never make the grade at Katie PLC
To put this into some sort of context Katie would have showed Winston Churchill the door but hired Hitler on the spot. Sure I'm being mischievous but based on her own comments Katie would not give Oprah Winfrey a job. Yep Oprah ranked the richest African-American of the 20th century, the greatest black philanthropist in American history and for a time the worlds only black billionaire just wouldn't make the grade.
Sorry Oprah-You are just too fat and lazy
As a corporate go getter surely her aim when employing staff should be bringing in  people who will be brilliant. Ive worked with amazing business people in my life and they have come in all shapes and sizes. Its a whole new level of daftness to equate body shape and weight with ability and has no place in our workforce.
She of course wheels out the whole "fat people get ill and have health problems" argument. Right so slim and medium build people never get ill? what about smokers, red meat eaters, perhaps you could do background checks to see if cancers run in families-its a silly generalisation with no basis in reality.
As a mother of young children I also wonder how Katie will cope if god forbid one of her kids grows up to be over weight? will she ostracise and marginalise them? 
I'm ending this with my recent 5 big fat myths video-please take a look Katie, you might just learn something.

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