Tuesday, 16 July 2013

Not Hypnotized By Lancomes Hypnose Mascara

Anyone who knows me knows that big fluttery lashes are my thing. 
If I'm not sweeping the path with my peepers I feel horribly under dressed in the make up department. To this end I wear false eyelashes most days but I do like to give my lids a rest from the glue a few times a week and I'm of course always on the lookout for great mascaras for my professional make up kit.
I usually always use Maybellines Colossal or Great Lash as I find they give me really long lashes without the dreaded clumping and they retail at between a fiver and seven quid so are also great value.
I am not immune to the lure of beauty blogger buzz though and kept seeing amazing testimonials about Lancomes Hynose mascara so decided to treat myself to it recently as I had built up a ton of Boots points. At  £22 its at the higher end of the mascara budget but promises to: 

"Build up to 6 times more volume without clumping. The PowerFull™ Brush helps deliver volume that you control. Glides through for lash separation and even application from base to tip"

Big promises but does it deliver?

The mascara is in a great shaped container, very curvy and love the glossy black packaging. The brush although apparently trademarked just looks like any other mascara wand to me.
It may be trademarked but looks like every other mascara brush to me

I'm a great believer in trying products for a few weeks before you review them as sometimes they just take a bit of getting used to or you need to work out what quantity's to use for best results so Ive used this quite regularly for the last four weeks and I'm afraid I don't think it lives up to the hype.

Testing how buildable this product is

The premise of this mascara is that is really buildable and I just haven't found this to be the case. I have fairly long thick eyelashes already and the one positive thing I can say is that it made my lashes look quite long but it clumped terribly.
Quite a decent length achieved but terrible clumping

 I tried using the wand in various ways (gently layering the product on, brushing it in with a zig zag motion, sweeping it through quickly, sweeping it through slowly) and every time the result was the same, clumpy spidery lashes with all my lashes stuck together to form about five like a weird Kewpie doll effect.
My lashes are stuck together and look spidery

I did try letting it dry quite thoroughly between coats and despite the "buildable" claim after two coats my lashes looked clumpy and with three applications quite matted.
The product also has quite a strong tar like smell which I wasn't mad about and the few times I used it on my lower lashes I looked like a panda after a few hours.
Kewpie doll lashes-not what I want

I don't really get irritated eyes very often (twenty odd years of contact lenses, inch thick eye make up and false eyelashes mean I'm rock hard) but I found this mascara was a bit crumbly and made me desperate to take it off at the end of the day.
Overall I was left unimpressed and will definitely be sticking to my trusty drugstore brand mascaras. 
Scores on the doors 3/10
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