Monday, 22 July 2013

Nerd Girl Chic: Cartoon Print Dress

Comic book love
I am very happy to call myself a nerd. I love Dr Who, comics,vampires, fairies, witches, Game of thrones and loads of sci fi. So when I spied this cartoon print dress at Yours clothing there was no question I had to own it.

Its not just a dress, its a conversation starter
This dress has without doubt garnered the most compliments I have ever received when out and about. It’s a real conversation starter.

Great length-not too short
The shape is classic skater dress but it’s a nice length hitting just past the knee. I also love that it has the black mesh top as it breaks up the print somewhat and gives the dress a slightly more elegant finish than if it was all one design.
The black mesh top creates a slightly more elegant shape

My slight criticism is the material is very man made feeling (don’t stand too close to me with a match  or I may go up in flames) but I imagine that’s because the print is so bright and part of the fabric. It’s a small niggle though because I actually adore this.
Darlek necklace-Yes I'm a whovian

I've coupled this frock with a necklace that my best pal Lilly Von Pink made for me. She knows of my Doctor Who love so turned up the other day with a Dalek necklace for me,best friend ever.
I have to say me and my little girl have been fighting over it and this is the first time I've got to wear it.

I love clothes which are not just pretty but quirky and this dress is definitely that.At £35 its not too expensive either for something so unusual. I think I will get loads of wear out of this frock. it can be edgy with big boots and stripy tights or girly  with a little cardigan and ballet pumps. 

Yes I'm a nerd, no I'm no ashamed! Viva Le Fat Nerd Girl!

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