Sunday, 28 July 2013

Betty Pamper's Big And Beautiful Holiday Pamper Regime

Getting Ready For My Holibobs
I’m sure I can’t be the only one who enjoys the lead up to a holiday almost as much as the break itself. I’m off for a well needed getaway soon so am busy getting myself “beach ready” whatever that means.
Far from being places to be feared public beaches are the great leveller. Sure there will be slinky senoritas with flat tummies and cellulite free thighs but there will also be ladies with varicose veins, men with appendix scars and all manner of wibbly wobbly gorgeousness on parade and hurrah for that. Our bodies are amazing machines that do incredible things and we should be in total awe of them.Not speak unkindly about them.
That said I still want to ensure I feel amazing so I’m preparing to look as fabulous as I possibly can. Confidence is as important as a swimsuit with hidden tummy control doncha know

My Pre Holiday Pamper Plan

Looking ahead to a week on the beach!
I’ve kick started my body beautiful plan by using this great exfoliating body scrub by Simple I want my skin to be as soft as a kitten’s paw and using this every day in the shower is certainly helping.

you scrubber!
I’m complimenting this with lashings of Soap and glory’s "The Righteous Butter" This stuff is amazing. Its sinks into the skin leaving it feeling smooth but not greasy-I love it. Yes my body is fat but its so pampered I’m like a great big spoilt cat.

As much as I’m usually a make up whore I don’t want to wear too much slap in the heat so am tidying up my brows and tinting them so I don’t need to fill them while I’m away. Always ensure your brows look good-they are your face curtains and well tamed brows take years off you!Trust me I'm really one hundred and one.
Lets tame the brows
This recent spate of hot weather has been playing havoc with my skin so I’m making sure its well looked after. I’ve been using the body shops "Honey and Oat mask" since I was fifteen (not this same pot, you understand) and I swear by its skin improving properties. You can use it simply as a scrub or as a mask and it smells good enough to eat. I use it a few times a week leading up to my holidays and find my skin is glowing and needs very little in the way of make up.
This mask is da bomb

If ever there was a time you want to have nicely polished nails and toes its now. You will be lying on a sunbed staring at them for days so clip away your ragged cuticles and give yourself a good manicure and pedicure. As I’m a trained manicurist I always give myself a shellac mani/pedi before I go away. I know it wont chip and the colours look so glossy.

make sure you have perfect paws for your hols

My hair spends most of the holiday wrapped in a turban or under a great big Joan Collins style hat but I like to ensure it’s as soft as can be before I step on the plane. I always give myself a hair mask by John Frieda This stuff is so nourishing its like a fruit and veg packed smoothie straight on your wig.
Seriously good stuff

So that’s my regime. I’m plucked, exfoliated, nourished and smooth. Time to get this big ass onto a plane and enjoy every moment of my break.

Simple Holiday Goodies Giveaway

I've got a lovely holiday pamper pack to giveaway courtesy of Simple which includes the fab body scrub, mini eye make up remover, moisturiser and face wipes. To enter simply:

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