Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Getting My Curves Out For The July Sun

Yours Clothing-definitely having a good season

Dressing in a cool fashionable way in the heat can be a bit of a challenge when you are plus size. I know I prefer clothes that are slightly structured and nipped in and getting these styles in light summery styles and fabrics can be tricky. 
getting summer wear right 

The default position of a lot of plus size summer wear is to have rather wafty styles but on my short round little body these just don't look good, nevertheless I don't want to sweating in full swing dresses or circle skirts either. I'm happy to report that this summer I think Ive nailed it.Cool as a cucumber without looking like I'm wearing a tent.
Love how this pulls in at the waist but doesn't feel tight
This season I am absolutely in love with Your Clothing, especially their frocks.They just seem to have nailed it in terms of cut, colours and fabrics and the price points are fantastic.
Ive brought a few frocks from them recently and this is the first. This pink and green floral mesh top dress is so girly I love it. the colours are perfect for summer days and the style is so flattering.It creates a waist and my favourite hourglass silhouette.
The green mesh tops offers a teeny glimpse of bra strap and makes the dress very cool
The green mesh top offers a cheeky flash of bra strap and avoids that slightly curtainy feel you can get when you wear an all over floral print.
The length of this dress is just right too. Hitting just below the knee (I don't want to be flashing my knickers every time I bend down thankyou very much)
Its currently in the sale and a bargainalicous £19.If you can get your hands on it do, its a reet bargain.
Great length-just over the knee
This is such a nice dress to wear as I showcase my brand new necklace by Bete Noire
New blog name, new neck candy
This necklace means so much to me and I can't thank beth enough for making it me. Changing this blogs name was quite a stressful thing to do and I was convinced I would lose all my readers but no, you lovely lot followed me over and now I'm even nominated for a british Plus size blogging award. evidence if ever that sometimes fate really does step in and show you that you are working in the right direction and it will all be fabulous.
Say my name, say my name

I heart this new necklace
Pamper and curves

Ive worn pink jelly pumps to carry through the girly feel of this outfit and a lovely pink hair flower. My lipstick is Limecrimes Pink Planet which is suitably slutty. I love it.
Soaking up the summers rays
Celebrate your curves, soak up some vitamin d. Don't cover up because you think your size or shape doesn't conform to whats considered "attractive" love yourself in all your delicious gorgeousness and demand others do as well. Life's too short to not get your big white legs out and let them turn toasty brown in the midday sun.

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Im shortlisted for Best Plus Size Blogger award

I have just found out that I am in the shortlist for the plus size blogger award. Chuffed doesn't begin to cover it. If you enjoy my waffle please take a moment to vote

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  1. Typo in the last sentence :)

    1. Petty anonymous commenter in the first comment.

  2. I like this dress a lot, the colours are lovely and it ticks the boxes for my church guidelines, no boobies out, shoulders covered and not above the knees, but that is on you. I can pretty much guess this would be too short on me. I am not tall at 5ft7 but it seems to be the case with most knee length dresses. I looked at the model on the Yours website and it is sitting at knee length on her, but I am still dubious. I would probably end up wearing leggings with it, and then be quite hot. Sorry to be a griper, but I wish hemlines would drop a couple of inches lol.

  3. You look gorgeous as ever, and those colours really pop. I wish I had a better eye for seeing the potential in clothes. I completely overlooked this on the Yours site, as I thought it wouldn't look good on my curves. Now seeing it on you in all its glory, I am lusting after it, but it's sold out in my size.

    The necklace is amazing! :)

  4. Gorgeous dress! And that new necklace is awesome too!


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