Tuesday, 9 July 2013

Bodyshop Brush On Radiance Review

Recently the Bodyshop had a fab sale and I picked up a lovely product called Brush on radiance 
It looks like a lot of other bronzer/highlighters as has the different coloured balls all in varying soft tones which you sweep your brush over and then apply. 

I love these little balls of light
The big difference is that this is like illuminator in powder form. Its doesn't have a hint of orange in it and instead just gives you peachy bright radiance.
I love it and sweep it on my cheekbones, my temples, even under my eyes. 
The packaging is lovely too with a gold top which makes it look like a fairly luxury product even though its less than £15.

Sweep it all over

At £14 its a great price and definitely my favourite product of the summer.If you feel you want to add some light to your face or just feel your complexion looks a little dull I can't recommend it highly enough.
I filmed a little video showing you how I use it.

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