Wednesday, 3 July 2013

5 Big Myths About Fattys

It would seem despite huge strides being made in regards to body acceptance there are still lots of weird and wonderful myths surrounding fat people which sadly I see being parroted almost daily. I would like to smash some of these misconceptions  wide open because quite honestly they are tosh and they make my eye twitch.

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Myth #1
All Fat people Are Jolly
fat yes? Jolly, not really

Many people still think those of us with a more rotund appearance are sunnier, quicker to laugh at ourselves and don't take ourselves too seriously. Newsflash the only thing fat people share is ooh let me think "NOTHING" 
Some of us are jolly, some of us are downright miserable bastards and everything else inbetween. I love Dawn French but not all fat women are like her. 
We don't all want to sleep with Lenny Henry, we don't all love Terry's Chocolate oranges and we aren't all funny or jolly.Grumpy enough for you?

Fat people survive on a diet of junk food.

er I would have preferred the risotto

Yet again not all fat people are the same. Sure some people are overweight because they think eating a KFC is getting one of their five a day but that's rarer than you would think. Despite the channel 4 documentaries showing fatties drinking litre bottle of coke  with their morning mars bar I for one never eat junk food. I eat like a queen, I'm a fabulous cook and adore good food, fine wine and to be honest am vaguely insulted that anyone would think my size is due to me treating my body like a dustbin.Sure I'm greedy but only for the good stuff.

Myth # 3
All fat people are forever on or about to start a diet
Please stop talking about red and green days my precious

Please don't tell me about your diet,your new weight loss supplement or your lap band. I am just not interested. I have done the whole diet thang, got the tee-shirt, paid for the therapy to undo the damage and now I don't give two fooks what you are or are not eating.
 If dieting makes you happy, all power to your elbow, just don't assume I want to know. I've paid for Rosemary Connolly's house and should by rights have shares in weight watchers. Those days are behind me.

Myth #4
Only chubby chasers fancy big girls. 

Honestly flowers would have been fine

Yet again don't believe everything you watch on the tellybox. Yes there are certain pockets of the population who only want to date very large ladies and then feed them up like pate ducks (possibly until they stroke out) but most men are much higher life forms and lots of them actually find women with big boobs and big booty's sexy. Its not a  fetish, its just the call of hormones. In the same way some men prefer brunettes, athletic types, busty blonde's or sheep (every pan has a lid)

Myth 5
Fat chicks don't hate or envy skinny ones
Thin, fat, pear, apple or hourglass-its all good baby

Don't buy into the daft things you see wafting around the Internet. Its just as abusive to refer to a thin girl as a"bag of bones" as it is to refer to a plus size chick as jabba. Having endured many, many taunts over the years it will never be fat girls perpetrating this I promise you. In my case my best friend,, mum,and  sisters are all beautifully slender. I adore them but their slimness doesn't make me feel bad about myself. Its just a point of difference.Like different coloured eyes. I will wrestle to the death anyone who trys to justify making anyone feel bad about themselves. Its just not cool. Don' do it.End of. 

So there you have it. These were the first 5 myths I wanted to bust. 
Which misconceptions about being overweight drive you insane? please let me know and maybe we can revisit this feature.

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