Thursday, 27 June 2013

Time To Defuzz: Yawn

Its that time of year again-wookie legs be gone

The sun has finally made an appearance and Ive just booked a weekend away in July which can only mean one thing. Time to start the tyranny of hair removal.
I'm always a bit conflicted about shaving or waxing my legs. The feminist in me wants to reject the notion but the glamour obsessive in me can't bear the look or feel of stubbly legs and the thought of a spider leg bikini line does send shivers down my spine.
I realise its years of sexist conditioning but what can I tell you, I prefer smooth legs.
Picture from Pintrest

Being so lazy the thought of having to shave most days doesn't fill me with joy. Quite a few people I know have undergone laser hair removal and Liverpool now has a clinic called Sk:n offering this so I am tempted. The idea of never having to endure the stubble prickle under my arms or have sandpaper legs does appeal.
I definitely need to do something. Recently I have taken to shaving just from the knee down and after one particular strong gust of wind blew up my skirt Lilly Von Pink quipped that I looked like I was wearing hairy cycling shorts.Mortifying.
Does the onset of summer have you rushing to defluff? Would you consider laser hair removal?
*I never lie to you dear readers-this is a sponsored post. The hairy leg story though is sadly true*
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