Saturday, 8 June 2013

The Red Lippy Project: Marking a mark on Cervical Cancer

Next week don't surprised if you see a lot more red lipstick being worn than normal. Its all in  support of The Red Lippy Project - make a mark on Cervical Cancer  
Myself and thousands of others will be wearing red lipstick every day from the 9th-15th of June to support awareness for cervical cancer.

Cervical cancer is largely preventable with screenings and the HPV vaccination, but we need to encourage women to attend these screenings when they are invited between the ages of 25 and 29.
To join this amazing cause, make sure you wear your brightest and boldest red lips for a week and share your images on Twitter and Instagram using @redlippyproject and #theredlippyproject 
I'll be wearing all my faves Besame's red hot red, Macs Ruby Woo & Lancomes Rouge Pur-will you joining me?

Slap on the lippy-lets raise awareness about cervical cancer

My obsession with red lipstick has been well documented on this blog. I absolutely love it and own every shade from blue toned scarlets to zesty oranges and everything in between.
Red lipstick has been worn by so many iconic and fabulous women. Here is  a reminder of some of the best from a blog post I originally wrote a few years ago in celebration of all things red lipstick.

Louise Brooks
Her perfect Jazz baby bob and heart shaped face lit up early cinema.Brooks was the silent film star who always walked a slightly more avant garde path than the more innocent Clara Bow. Her image looks just as fresh today as it did in her heyday. Never pouty, always mysterious, always in red lipstick.
The beautiful Louise brooks

Mae West
With a wit as sharp as her figure was shapely Mae West's larger than life appearance helped create the blueprint for us girls who don't mind looking like we my be a little bit bad. Her thin almost non existent lips always looked like a tiny bud accentuated with crimson.

The queen of the quip with a mouth shaped like a rosebud
Marilyn Monroe
With the quivering upper lip, strategically placed mole and luminous skin Marilyn is still a watchword in blond bombshell beauty and her famous pout never looked better than when it was wearing red lipstick.

Monroe's quivering upper lip never looked finer than when it was wearing red lipstick

Elizabeth Taylor
Possessing a beauty which even as a child took your breath away (the woman had a double set of eyelashes naturally for goodness sake) much has been written about Taylor's mesmerising violet eyes. Her lips were also perfection-she had a gloriously full bottom lip and shots of her wearing orangey red lipstick only make her more breathtaking.
Elizabeth Taylor-smouldering in red lipstick
Siouxie Sioux
The formidable Siouxie Sioux created the template for all Gothic obsessed girls in the late 80's/early 90's and however avant garde her eye make up got her 1920's inspired cupids bow gave every biker booted teenager permission to be a carmine lipped warrior woman.
Siouxsie-A Carmine lipped wonder

Courtney Love
More likely to have her lipstick smeared across her face whilst wearing a torn slip, Courtney subverted the pin up look magnificently. With her grazed knees and back roots you no longer had to be a model to marry a rock star, in fact you could be the rock star. The loudest mouth always wearing the loudest red.
Courtney-artfully smudged
The material girl crashed into our consciousness in the 80's and has never left. Constantly changing, always reinventing and often wearing red lipstick to prove her point. Now that 80's fashion is making a comeback its good to see young girls wearing rubber bracelets, quiffs and poppy lips.All hail her Madgesty.
the original material girl pouting furiously in red
Gwen Stefani
Surely a graduate of the Madge finishing school for pop perfect princesses Gwen's commitment to never looking anything other than red carpet perfect evokes a sense of old Hollywood. With her platinum hair and glossy red lips she is  a masterclass in how never to have a bad photo taken.
Gwen-a modern day siren
Imelda May
Looking like she has stepped right off the cover of a 1950's copy of Life magazine Imelda May channels vintage inspired glamour like no one else. With her porcelain complexion and hot rod red lips she is a rockabilly pin up in every sense of the word.

Imelda May-Rockabilly Red

That's my Red Lipstick hall of fame-who would be included in yours?

The Vintage Pamperbox supporing the Red Lippy Project

 Lets all support of The Red Lippy Project - make a mark on Cervical Cancer and paint our lips red.
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